Vacation Reflections

Well my week long (almost 2 actually…) reminiscence of my vacation has come to an end. I have officially run out of stories for you. There were some things that I left out, but there are only so many times I can tell the internet how cute my dog is.

A few things I did leave out because they weren’t enough to make a proper post out of, so I will combine them all here:

I arrived home to this little guy sitting on the night stand in my bedroom. Because obviously I don’t have enough hippo things:

Please note that THIS is a much more appropriate gift for me over the diamond bracelet my mother purchased. Yes – I am a weird female.

I got to spend the most amazing afternoon with my BBF-R the first day back. She picked me up from my house, we had lunch, did some shopping, had Dairy Queen. It was amazing. I love spending time with her. I also bought the most ADORABLE painting which I left in Canada so it didn’t get wrecked:

Again, a more appropriate gift over the bracelet.

I brought her a pair of earrings and a matching ring for her birthday. They were “rose gold” coloured and the design was the shape of her horoscope constellation. She also brought me a birthday gift! She sent me a card, which the Korean post returned to her, but she forgot it at her house. But the gift was so cute!!

I got to meet my friend’s baby! She was born March 2nd (10 days past due) so I was already out of the country. I gave her gifts before I left and was happy to see one of the bibs on top of a clean basket of laundry. Apparently they use them all the time! And I learned something very important! Apparently after 14 days “past due” the placenta just stops working in a woman. It’s like “um nope, you’re past due and are being evicted! See ya!” I literally had NO idea that was a thing.

While shopping with my mom, I bought TWO pairs of shoes. I was only going to buy one pair of shoes and one pair of sandals, but then the store had them on 50% each for the shoes! I decided against the sandals altogether and just picked up the shoes (although on my shopping day with A, I did end up getting sandals after all – again with a great discount).

I do agree that they look identical except for colour (as my brother pointed out) but in reality they are VERY different. One is the pretty eyelet design, and the other one isn’t. HA!! Plus they are from two different brands. I only brought the green ones with me though so the pink are waiting for me at home.

I had breakfast with one of my friends who just got married. She was married the day after my birthday. She made me breakfast at her new house and we had a very short time together. She sent me a birthday package which got returned to her since my English address doesn’t work. So I got to open my birthday present during breakfast. It was a tea infuser in the shape of a hippo. I squealed like a little girl!

There is one thing that kind of made me feel guilty while I was at home. My parents had some friends who wanted to see me. Now the husband out of the pair is in his early 80’s and is just getting over a heart attack. So much so that it was the BIGGEST news when, after about 4 months, he finally got out of the house to go to church. The wife is a few years younger. They are super nice people, just not high on the list of “must see”. My dad told me on Sunday that the husband wanted to see me while I was home…it was more of a statement not a request. So I thought about it for a few hours and eventually told him to pass along that the answer was no. I had planned my vacation to give me enough time to see certain people and also enough time to rest. And I wasn’t opening up the schedule.

Now I think my dad was a little shocked at this statement and it was probably highly selfish, but it was my vacation. And I needed to have time to rest. And time to unwind, and appreciate being home. Not spending “5 minutes” which turns into an hour and a half standing in the kitchen, leaning up against the counter, while my dad and this guy talk about things, not being able to leave since he was there to “see me”. And of course there would be the awkward hug that would follow when he finally decided to leave. (to put things into context, when I was leaving this couple wanted to take me out for dinner. I resisted it for as long as possible. The 5 of us (two couples plus me) went out to a local diner, I sat in the middle while the husbands talked to each other, and the wives talked to each other, and I ate my food….without being included in either conversation)

In all fairness thought I did say no to extended family as well. All of my dad’s brothers live within a 30 minute drive of our house (where my mom’s family is 2 hours or more) so my mom offered to arrange a dinner with all of my dad’s side. I said no for the exact same reason. That would be taking away from the little time I had planned for relaxing. But please pass along that I would see them all at Christmas. I think a little bit of it was that none of them had seen me with Doris, and I’m kind of dreading that first time ya know?

One last observation about my vacation:

Why isn’t there ever anything good on TV?! lol My parents decided to get cable after they retired (aka when my brother and I were finished university). So at home, when a TV is free, I like to just sit and watch regular TV. Outside of my parent’s home I only “watch TV” on my computer so it’s a nice treat. Well, they have so many channels but most times I would turn on the TV, check to see what was on and promptly turn it back off. Literally NOTHING out of over 100 channels interested me. What’s the deal Canadian TV?


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