Tips for Flying

Last week, I spent over 24 hours IN an airplane. For someone who hates to fly, this was way too much time. Every single time I have to head to Canada or to Korea, I instantly regret every decision I have made in my life that led me to that moment of having a 12-14 hour flight. 

However, the plus side of this is that I know a lot of things that will impact the quality of your flight. I would like to share some of those feelings with you now.

Things to do:

  • research the airline you are traveling with – sometimes it’s just hit and miss with certain flights but some airlines are much better than others (Korean Air > Air Canada) Sometimes it takes having to actually travel with an airline to see how they opperate. Although with better quality comes higher prices….
  • plan travel time to the airport appropriately – thinking that it takes 3 hours to get to the airport on the Saturday of a long weekend, when in reality it only takes 2 since there is no traffic AT ALL, makes a 3 hour wait in the airport a 4 hour wait in the airport
  • pack a bag of things to keep you occupied – sometimes check in and security takes less than 30 minutes and then you have over 3 hours to kill….
  • get yourself a portable power supply. Sometimes the outlets at the airport don’t work.
  • Pack snacks! Airport food is expensive, airplane food is disgusting. I suggest granola bars, trail mix, nuts, gold fish crackers (you get the idea), and of course some candy to make you feel better.
  • if you need pills to make the experience better (like gravol) make sure that you actually pack them. They won’t do you any good sitting in your apartment.
  • Find, woo, and marry a rich person who can afford to buy you a first class ticket
  • get an emergency exit row seat. Yes it’s right by the bathroom but you are far enough back that you can’t really hear anything. And think of the leg room!! THE LEG ROOM! I have never been so comfortable on a flight.
  • sit in an aisle seat: this way you don’t have to disturb anyone to get out and walk around, plus you can stretch out a LITTLE bit more (remember folks: standing improves circulation and the chance of blood clots is a real thing! It was on grey’s anatomy people!). Once I was sitting in a row with only 2 seats, and every time I got up, the other girl did too, we worked as a team!


Things to NOT do:

  • sit in the aisle seat (seat C) when your seat is “A” (aka WINDOW)
  • pull down the table tray, set up your laptop and start working on spreadsheets when you are sitting in seat C but are assigned to seat A and there is no one else in your row yet (she was very nice when I informed her she was in my seat and moved her stuff accordingly)
  • ignore the announcement to put your tray up because we are taking off until literally the very last second.
  • buckle your seat belt when the flight crew is checking on things for take off, wait for the plane to start taxiing and for the flight crew to strap themselves in, then undue your seat belt, stuff it under your leg and wrap your blanket around you so it hides it…all while still SITTING ON THE TARMAC BEFORE TAKEOFF.
  • leave earbuds in while taking off – serious ear damage people! (the flight home was filled with idiots…)
  • eat airline food – seriously ya’ll, avoid it at all costs. At least Air Canada food. It’s the most disgusting food ever. Maybe next time I should plan for the vegetarian meal? Maybe it is better? This could possibly be why I feel sick on flights, I don’t eat. It’s a problem
  • forget your neck pillow – you’ll be very very sorry. I know it’s bulky to pack but you’ll want it.
  • sit close to the bathroom. I’m talking within 4 rows in front of it. My return flight, the flush would literally make the floor vibrate under my feet. And it never stopped…..the whole flight all I could hear was the flushing and the door. At least once every 5. You can’t sleep over that.
  • sit with your husband, smack him so hard he elbows the person sitting beside him in the ribs and then whisper “it’s ok” to him so that he doesn’t apologize…clearly he woke me up, I literally jumped and winced…even the emergency row couldn’t make that one better

Well that is some of my wisdom for you! I hope that your next flight is safe and without any issues.



6 thoughts on “Tips for Flying

  1. These were great tips, I especially like the one about the legroom near the emergency exit. I only fly maybe once a year so I still get excited by the novelty of flying but my kids bring me back down to earth with their constant demands lol.

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    • This was the first time I had the emergency exit seat. I changed with no problems during the “online check in” the day before leaving. But on the way home it was going to cost me $120 to change! Crazy!! The only thing with the emergency row is that there are no pockets in front of you to store things, and the food trolleys get placed there to avoid traffic jams and stuff. But still a good thing if you can snag the change without paying extra haha

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    • Possibly the emergency seats would work! SO MUCH ROOM…like I had my legs stretched all the way out (I’m like 5’7ish?) and people were still lining up for the bathroom and the flight attendants were still able to use the space. It was great!

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        • You might have to pay more for it the seat since they are classified as “prefered”. Everyone wants to sit there. And you have to fill out a form saying that in the case of an emergency you would be willing to help people use the exit etc. When I flew to Canada, I made the switch without any extra money, but on the way home it was $120 to switch. I asked why when I got to the airport and the lady said it’s always more expensive so she doesn’t know why I didn’t have to pay the first time.


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