Death-ilates: First Day Back

Since it’s 300 Thursday, I shall take a break from vacation stories to talk about pilates. 

Yesterday was my first day back at pilates after two full weeks of not going. I put on my new work out clothes, and got to class. I set up my mat, picked out a resistor ring, instagramed a picture of my impending doom and started to stretch. The teacher was all excited when she saw me, took a few selfies with me and then took a picture of my tattoo which was showing now that I have few work out tanks. And I think she invited me to go to Itaewon with her? Not too sure…

I have to admit, class was kind of nice. I felt like I was doing it all and I wasn’t getting exhausted as quickly as normal. Maybe since my muscles had 2 weeks to actually relax they were ready to really give it last night? I’m not sure.

The only part that was really concerning me was my new work out bottoms. I settled on yoga pants which are grey.I was hoping that after the workout, I wouldn’t have sweat blotches all over my pants.

I did my workout, and while I did get kinda sweaty, it wasn’t really too bad. I could see a little change in colour around my knees (yeah – my KNEES were sweating) and I just hoped that my bum wasn’t too noticeable. Thankfully the bathroom mirror didn’t show anything and when I got home, I could see a change in colour in certain places, but hopefully it will be ok for the rest of the workouts, the ones where I end up a puddle by the end of class.

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