Be still my beating heart! And tooth…

So many people say that they hate the dentist. I personally love going to my dentist. I love the feeling of having freshly cleaned teeth – more than brushing can clean. A good scaling is amazing. Now I also have more of a reason to love my dentist. 

I’ve gone to the same dentist for my entire life. The only other dentists I have seen have been in South Korea and I only go to them for cleanings – nothing too big. I love the staff at my dentist office and have had the same hygienist for the last 6-7 years. It’s literally written in my file that I only have appointments with her, we have a bond.

Back in April, I started having major pain in one of my teeth and in my jaw.

I went to an English speaking dentist an hour subway ride away and she told me that I needed a root canal. She also told me I needed gum treatments, about 5 different cavities filled, and braces! Now I have already had braces when I was a pre-teen and there was NO way I was going to do all that again for one tooth that has slightly moved. My teeth are all straight, and were straight before, I just needed to get rid of a few and pull the rest forward to make room for my wisdom teeth – which had to be pulled anyways because there STILL wasn’t enough room! Aka: it was all a waste of pain!

Anyways, so this Korean dentist emailed me my xrays and I sent them to my Canadian dentist (they are a married couple). The wife replied and told me to just wait it out until my vacation and then come in to see them. So I did. My mom made me an appointment and I was excited to have the pain stop.

I get to the office, after only sleeping 4 hours the night before (thank you jet lag!) and it was a full day of appointments for my family: Mom at 1pm, me at 2, Le Brother at 3. So while my brother and I waited, we were given lattes and everything we would need to brush our teeth after. I knew that the married couple were on vacation and I would be seeing one of their “new hires” (he had been there for about 3ish years but I had never met him) but then I saw the husband! I was sooo excited! Then he left, followed shortly by his wife and son….leaving me in the hands of a stranger.

But WHAT a stranger! His name is Dr. T, and my first impression of him was “wow he’s super short, but WOW he’s super attractive!” I started to explain to him what was wrong, and he immediately picked up on the fact that I wasn’t living in Canada. When I’m in Korea I change how I speak so I am understood better and apparently I carried that into my appointment. “Don’t worry” he said in perfect English with no accent at all “I’m from Russia so I understand.”

Our appointment went great! No root canal, but he did fix my cavity. Since he was new to me, I let him give me freezing for the procedure. I usually just tough it out, but the tooth was really giving me problems so I thought it best not to cry in front of him. It was super strange but he told me to close my eyes as he was freezing my mouth? Does your dentist do that? I always do normally since I hate needles but I’ve never been asked to do it…..

Half way through, he even gave my shoulder a nice little squeeze! *eeeppp* He put some meds in the cavity before closing it up and said that it can either get better or get worse and that I could call and talk to him any time it was giving me problems.

He kept making corny jokes….and I’m not sure why I actually laughed at them, probably because I was so taken by how beautiful he looked. But like “Oh this is the 5th bottom right we’ve had to fix today. Don’t worry, this time we’ll get it right!” type of really corny jokes. And apparently I wasn’t allowed to speak anymore after I told him I don’t start teaching until 2:30 in the afternoon..

The next day, my brother had another appointment at the dentist (he had some cavities, and a freshly cracked tooth to get fixed) so I went into town with him. NO – it wasn’t to see the hot Russian! We had planned it a week earlier that I would tag along and we would go out for sushi for lunch. I always take a week holiday to visit my brother, so I was missing that time with him this year. He is literally one of my best friends so it was nice to have lunch just us.

After lunch, my brother got a call on his cell phone. He hung up and I asked who it was. It was the dentist office calling to make sure that I went inside during his appointment….Now I was planning on doing that since it was WAY too hot to stay in the car for an hour, and free WIFI and air conditioning is the way to this girl’s heart. I told him it was because I was famous and beautiful and everyone loved me – secretly hoping Russian Dentist wanted to see me….

I go inside and one of the receptionists who has known me literally since I was 3, pops out with a HUGE grin on her face saying how happy she was that I was there. Like a silly grin, an overly happy grin…and I started to freak out a little bit. What was happening?! My mind was going CRAZY with ideas and the one that it rationally settled on was thinking the Russian actually DID want to see me cos I’m beautiful (a girl can dream ya’ll!)

They had me wait for about 10 minutes, just standing in the entrance way, because I wasn’t allowed to move from that spot. It turns out that this receptionist wanted to give me a FREE whitening treatment!! (I told you I was famous!) She said it was “a way the office wanted to say congratulations and we’re proud of you!”

The Russian came in to check on me before he worked on my brother, asking how my tooth was and stuff. “Sure sure…just an excuse to talk to you!” My brain told me 😉


While my brother got his face drilled by the Russian, I got to sit in the next room getting my teeth whitened.  I’ve never done it professionally before and it really hurt! Like the light hurt my lips. Then they gave me a kit to take home which has a tray and a light in it so in another week I can do another treatment here. Also I was given a little syringe of stuff to add to my toothbrush at night when I brush my teeth.

So now I have a fixed tooth, a whiter smile AND a new reason to love going to my dentist….but also a new reason to kick my Starbucks addiction!


14 thoughts on “Be still my beating heart! And tooth…

  1. What a great read!!! I too love going to the dentist! Is it SUPER DUPER weird that I like the feeling when they look/touch my teeth- it literally send shivers down my spine….yeah I’m weird! haha!

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