Life Lately #10

Well I am finally back in my apartment, after a good night’s sleep and I’m ready to get back into posting and life.

Lately, I’ve been thinking…about the future. Now that vacation is over I need a plan, and I kind of need it fast.

Lately, I’ve been feeling…really good about my vacation! I saw a lot of friends, spent a reasonable amount of time at home, thought I didn’t have any drama with the mama but her email this morning shows that apparently I was wrong….

Lately, I’ve been wanting…my legs to spot hurting! Yesterday I think I really dehydrated myself and I had the worst charley horse cramps I’ve ever had in my legs. I literally almost screamed out in pain! And there were definitely tears. First the left, and then about an hour later the right. It happened once over night but it wasn’t as bad…I’m hoping it was just from dehydrating and being cramped in the plane…..

Lately, I’ve been doing…well nothing really. I slept really well and now I have to reply to the “guilt email” that was sent this morning but whatever…

Lately, I’ve been hoping…that my fridge would magically be full of food so I wouldn’t have to go shopping in a few minutes (a jar of jam and 1 egg isn’t going to last very long!) and that I won’t be very much affected by jet lag!

Weeks until my contract is over: 17

Happy Monday everyone!


4 thoughts on “Life Lately #10

  1. I get painful foot cramps so I googled it about acupuncture and found for the foot, apply pressure with 1 finger between your mouth and nostrils, in the middle for 1 minute. It actually works!! Maybe there is something for leg cramps?

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