I hate flying part II

Last week I wrote a post about hating flying. Today, I want to add to it. 

I really do hate flying. Ever since the flight that changed all others, I have had an anxious stomach while flying. I usually take care of this by relying on ginger gravol chews, and for the most part they work, so it’s not too much of an issue.

But I hate many other things about flying:

  1. Airplane Food – I used Air Canada for my flights this past week and their food is DISGUSTING. Like seriously nasty.
  2. Being cramped into small spaces
  3. The bathrooms that are too small
  4. the air
  5. the feeling of just being locked in the plane for 13 hours
  6. Jet lag

This week I had major jet lag. I arrived Saturday evening, and I was lucky enough to have slept a decent amount on the plane on the way over. I got off the plane and stayed awake until around 11, and then had a GREAT sleep! I was up at 5:30 but for my first night I was really really happy.

Then Sunday night, again I was in bed at a decent time, around 11ish. But I was WIDE AWAKE at 3:30, and stayed awake for the whole rest of the day. I’m talking like 20 hours. After that, I spent the rest of the week in this mid-afternoon exhausted haze. It was not fun. I wasn’t really doing anything to keep myself awake which probably added to it, but it totally sucked.

Getting home last night, I knew I needed to stay awake and get a good sleep. I slept a little bit on the plane but not much. My stomach was feeling icky from the flight and the rough landing (turbulence knocked us around a little bit) and from not really eating much on the plane. I got home to a very hot and sticky apartment, which made me even more tired BUT I prevailed! I stayed up and got a really really good sleep last night.

Now it’s 11am and I’m exhausted again. I hope I can make it through work today! And I’m even going to attempt to get through pilates class just to really tire myself out. I think getting back into the regular routine of things will help with the jet lag. I won’t give myself any time to actually be tired.

On a different note: I have some drafts prepped and ready to go for this week! They are all about my week at home, but I decided to break them all up so I didn’t end up writing like 5000 words in one post -ya’ll know how I can ramble once I get started!

On the schedule for tomorrow: Russian Dentists!

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