I’m Alive!

So I have survived my week at home and am now sitting in the airport waiting for my boarding time.  I miss judged the time it would take to get to the airport, I thought it would take 3 hours with traffic, getting me here at 10am, a solid 3 hours prior to boarding. This is the normal time given for international flights. My brother was nice enough to drive me, so I bought him breakfast at the Tims in town. Eating up 10 minutes since I used to work there and the ladies were talking to me. We drove to Toronto with no traffic on a holiday weekend and got to the airport by 9 am!!! The ticket agent didn’t even want to check my bags since it was so early. But we did and made contact tags for them just in case. So here I sit, now at 10:15 waiting for my 12:50 boarding time. I went through security, was called babe by one of the guards working, was “randomly selected” for a screening and pat down, got a snack and some food for later and set myself up for ipad time. 

This week on No Love For Fatties look out for detailed posts on my adventures! Topics Will include: 

-hot Russian dentists

-Mr. infatuation 

-the horror of buying pilates clothes

-a week of non-mama drama 

Even though I have kept up with reading your posts all week, I have  missed the ease of having a laptop to post and comment. I will be very happy to be back in Korea with my laptop to start being more interactive once again! 


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