I hate flying

I really do. And this is a major downfall to living 13,000km away from my family. 

I have a pretty standard pre-flight routine that I always follow. I eat before, bathroom before, and I ALWAYS take a gravol before. A few years ago I had an “accident” while flying which has scarred me for life and now I have to take gravol. Just the ginger, non-drowsie ones but still.

Yesterday I got to the airport and realised I had forgotten my gravol!! I asked at the pharmacy in the air port but they didn’t have it. But I was feeling ok so I decided I would be positive and take the chance.

After finding out we were to be delayed 40 minutes, which turned into over an hour, my mood didn’t really get any better.

I did all my other pre-flight routines, and got on the plane. I found my amazing emergency exit seat (look at all the leg room!) Which was right beside the bathroom! No more wondering if there was a line or not.


Ooo spacious!

Then I met who I would be sharing the flight with: a young married couple. The woman always flies in the emergency row and the man, it was his first time on a plane I think? He was beside me, her against the window.

They were nice people to sit beside. Quiet and respectful. Except just as I was falling asleep, she smacked him and he elbowed me in the ribs… And every time they needed something from their bags I got a shoulder full of his crouch area… Yeah that was fun.

I was ok without my gravol during take off but as soon as we were at cruising level I felt sick. And the feeling stayed until we landed. Thankfully it was an overnight flight and I was able to sleep most of the way.

Then I got off the plane, and saw Le Brother! We got food and arrived home. I actually slept all night! Well until 630 when my pup wanted out.

Ya know something, I forgot how Canada smelled. I love the smell of Canada. Especially Huron County in the morning. And now Im just waiting for coffee with this amazingness going on:  IMG_20160724_075748.jpg

One on my lap and one beside. *Sigh* good times! Im already hating that in a few short days I will have to leave again but I think it will be a good week!

7 thoughts on “I hate flying

    • Omg I hate it at all times. Pretty much from cruising altitude until I am physically off the plane I feel like throwing up. It sucks. And then I dont eat cos I feel sick, then I end up feeling more sick. Lol its a vicious cycle. The gravol helps a little though 🙂

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  1. Isnt it lovely to be home… The smell, food,people makes one forget every flight fatigue! I travel atleast 4 to 7 hours to reach my home, sometimes more as it depends on flight route…there is no direct flight… I hate crammed seat, waiting, shushing my son 🙂 but in the end all forgotten! Enjoy your stay… Have a lovely time.

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