So long!

The day that I have been waiting for has FINALLY arrived!!! IT’S VACATION TIME!

The on-line check in opened last night, 30 minutes before I had a break. I was lucky enough though that when I went to print my boarding pass, I could change my seat! I love aisle seats on airplanes – and will always pick one. I already had one but why can’t I try to get a better seat?!


Not only was I able to get an aisle seat, BUT I also got an emergency row seat! I had to fill out an additional form saying I was over a certain age and willing/able to help people out in case of an emergency but I get extra leg room! And when the flight is 13 hours long you NEED extra leg room.

So now it’s time to actually go. I have most of what I need packed, just those last minute items, have to clean my apartment before going, and still need to get my new manicure. BUT it’s not even 9am yet and my flight isn’t scheduled to leave until 6, and the website already says its delayed 40 minutes so we shall see. I will leave right from my manicure and hope that I don’t have to spend TOO much time in the airport. I’ve been told for international flights like this to arrive 3 hours early. And since I will be leaving from a major airport, on the first weekend of summer vacation, I think that 3 hours is a good suggestion.

So now that the good news is out of the way, it’s time for the bad.

I probably won’t be posting next week. I’m not taking my laptop with me, and it is very difficult to make a post on my ipod/phone. I have a Life Lately finished and scheduled to release on Monday, but that might be all for the week.

I will, however, be checking my emails and checking on my blog. So if you leave a comment I will reply! If you post something new, I will read it!

Now I just need to find and sharpen all my pencil crayons so I can colour while waiting for the plane!

Have a great week all you fantastic people!


14 thoughts on “So long!

  1. Why don’t you let me post for you?!? Ha! Sure, it will be after a bottle of wine and ranting after this job train wreck but I can take over your blog for a week. Ha!!!! Are you going to Canada? If so, please swim over Lake Erie and we can do Starbucks or something! 🙂

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