The Hiddleswift Fallout Continues

I’ve never really been one to post so much on celebrity gossip, unless of course it surrounds Shemar Moore or Ralph Fiennes, but this new Taylor thing is getting out of control! 

It really all started for me WAYYYY back when Taylor just broke out onto the music scene. She was in country music, and I hated country music. I didn’t really like her music until she switched into main stream a few years ago – I specifically remember loving the song “I knew you were trouble” and from there my love for the Taylor music grew into something magical.

I started to follow her on Facebook and Twitter, thinking that she was doing such a great job of being a young person in Hollywood – she connected with her fans, was super sweet, stayed out of the negative spot light, or maybe I just didn’t realize how much she was already in it.

The Kanye moment happened in 2009 and everyone rallied behind her. Of course I have never really been a fan of Kanye so I was very much Team Taylor in that moment. But can we all just take a moment and really say that “Single Ladies” WAS the song of the year? Seriously ya’ll. “You belong with me” doesn’t even hold a match stick to “Single Ladies”.

Fast forward through Taylor’s last few albums and her last dozen boyfriends, and here we are. I wrote a post detailing my feelings for Hiddleswift (which was a month ago already?! WHAT?!). For those who didn’t read it basically it’s that I’m disappointed Tom would date such a person. I had higher hopes for his romantic connections…..

Now this whole thing has EXPLODED all over the place. Hiddleswift is being attacked by pretty much everyone as being some lame joke or some publicity stunt or the production of a very detailed music videovery detailed music video. And I have become obsessed! I hate reading the articles, I’m all GAH can we please talk about anything else?! OMG A NEW ARTICLE! Yeah, I’ve turned into that person.

But then it just got worse. Kanye released a song, Taylor is upset, he says she gave her permission, she says she didn’t, Kim defends her husband, Taylor asks for proof, Kim delivers, Taylor gets pissy, the whole Twitter-verse gets involved. Are we headed for a meet me under the bleachers after last period! moment?!

So she knew about the song, but apparently she didn’t know about the word “bitch” being used against her. I actually watched the whole snapchat thing on Buzzfeed but can’t find the link anymore that has all the little videos strung together. But the link above has a full transcript.

Now there are rumors that Kim could face legal action because she recorded Taylor without her permission. And ya know, ok maybe that could be the case. But can anyone REALLY expect NOT to be filmed when either Kim or Kanye are involved?! They are mega stars, and with the popularity of Kim’s tv show and the fact that they are like THE super famous celebrity couple, I would just naturally assume that anyone connected to them would be in danger of being recorded at all times. AT. ALL. TIMES. But Kanye may still face felony charges based on this. Check out this video for a full explanation of the legality.

I kind of agree with the ladies in the video that Taylor should just let it go. Now she’s just another mean girl surrounded by all the drama. While I agree with I don’t know if I can ever really be Team Kim/Kanye, there is no way I can be Team Taylor ever again.

Now I am so fed up with this whole freaking deal that I can’t even listen to Taylor’s music anymore. My once favourite song “shake it off” gets shaken off to some place other than my earbuds. I literally can’t listen to her music anymore. Her dating Tom kind of put a damper on it, but now I’ve had enough.

Can someone just make the websites I go to stop reporting on it? I’m over it. I’m done. I’m checking out. Buzzfeed: this means you! NO MORE ARTICLES PLEASE!!! For the love of sweet baby Jesus just stop!


18 thoughts on “The Hiddleswift Fallout Continues

  1. Taylor Swift’s love life interests me about as much as watching old Italian men play bocce ball or a rerun of Duck Dynasty. She is like the hand dryer in a restroom: she serves 1 purpose only and that is to crank out poppy music. There is no other function she can possibly offer.

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  2. I won’t deny Taylor Swift’s talent and savvy business sense.

    But I will deny her integrity and innocence as a person. How is it ok for her to publicly muckrake ex-boyfriends through song and posting their break up voicemails (and I bet she NEVER EVER EVER asked a one about if they were okay with it), sue fans for playing her music at weddings or crafting Etsy items, or sue her own former guitar teacher? How can she still be a “victim” of this narrative?

    While Kimye may not be the classiest couple there is, and who knows what the legal fallout will be, the fact is between them and Calvin Harris exposure on her involvement with “This is What You Came For”, the world knows now that Taylor Swift has somewhere down the road become a Mean Girl.

    I saw one source stating Tom was not reeling from the drama but I find that hard to believe. What man, ANY man, famous or unknown, would voluntarily walk into a global cat fight? Come on, Tom–is getting to bang some rich yoing tail REALLY worth your sanity? (yep–I WENT THERE, no apologies). Get out of there, quit thinking with your career ambitions and genitals, and save what’s left of your dignity and career.

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