Death-ilates: The Triumphs

Earlier this week I posted about the struggles I was having in deciding if I should continue on with my pilates classes. If you’re interested in venturing into that rambling mess, here’s the post

But not everything is bad about pilates. Like I said in that post two days ago, I really do feel pretty great after pilates is over. After I have showered and I’m sitting in bed eating my snack-dinner, I feel pretty great about going and my body feels good too. I also like that it’s made me feel not so guilty about the amount of pizza I eat.

Last night I had a few triumphs in class. First of all, I was actually excited about going! Maybe it was because it’s my class class before vacation (I’m missing the next 4), but at least I was excited.

Second,it was the exercise ball night. I love this routine. My instructor always switches it up a little bit but for the most part the routines stay the same, and the equipment rotation is always the same. Before class started, the instructor even had to take a picture with me. I’m not sure why, she was taking selfies and then walked over to me and waved me in. We did the normal “V” with our fingers (which in Korea means victory NOT peace) and she took a quick selfie. It was after  I had changed into my gross gym clothes and taken off the good hair, but whatever lol.

this is not me or her

Most importantly, I was able to keep up with her counts for at least the first 20 minutes! Usually if they do 10, I can get about 7 in for most things. But I am getting better, and she is directing me a little bit more into proper positions. It felt good!!

7 thoughts on “Death-ilates: The Triumphs

    • It was the exercise ball which I find the easiest routine, maybe cos I’ve done it the most. The stepper box is another story. I don’t even go to those classes lol!! I’m too exhausted just thinking about them to even start haha

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