Korean Perks

So I know that I haven’t always been super positive lately, but I wanted to share one thing that South Korea has that is majorly superior to Canada. 


“But T”, you might ask, “what is this mysterious thing?!”

Well let me tell you!

It’s to cover your umbrella when you enter into a store. And I personally love it!!

In just three easy steps you go from holding a wet, dripping mess, to being able to stay inside without fear of creating a puddle or getting your belongings wet.

They are always brought out during any form of precipitation. Rain, snow, it doesn’t matter. Koreans are totally all over it.

Just look at that umbrella leaning up against my purse! Am I worried it will ruin the bag? No way! Is there a puddle on that cafe floor? No Sir!

There are even some that have TWO sleeve lengths, one for longer umbrellas and one for shorter ones. Although the single sleeve units all have the long lengths, or at least the ones that I have seen. They are almost always set beside a garbage bin so that when you leave the store you have a place to toss the sleeve before venturing out into the rain.

Way to go Korea – way to go!


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