Bathroom Shenanigans

No not those types of shenanigans! 

This 300 Thursday episode is brought to you by university memories! Well teacher’s college to be exact.

It was during a nice long hour and a half break between classes and my friends and I all decided to head to the bathroom together. Not because this is what girls do, but because it was almost time to head to the next class and when a good idea strikes one in the group, usually the rest of us follow. We wanted to get there early to avoid the “5 minutes before class” crowds (basically 140 students all had the same schedule just different classes).

Walking into the bathroom, we all saw the same peculiar sight: a girl brushing her teeth WITH SOAP.

Like sure maybe she forgot her toothpaste at home and just really needed to get her teeth clean so she thought that using the bathroom’s pump soap was the next best option. Heaven forbid she walk literally 2 minutes in any direction to find an on campus or off campus store to BUY a little thing of toothpaste….

My one friend thought that she needed to “feel clean” that she was punishing herself for some past misdeed which required her to use regular, bought in bulk, university public bathroom pump soap instead of toothpaste.

To this day we will never know!

Do you have any weird bathroom stories? If so – share in the comment section below! It’s Thursday ya’ll, we need some laughs to make it to Friday!


6 thoughts on “Bathroom Shenanigans

      • Ok, here it goes but I am warning EVERYONE, this is too much TMI and gross so look away now because you won’t be able to unread this. When I was in school I went #2, in the bathroom of course! To this day I have a wipe/check policy to ensure 100% cleanliness. The only time it failed me was on this day. I pull up my navy blue corduroys and walk out to wash my hands. Just then I feel something sticky/cold run down my leg. As it does, I follow it’s imaginary trajectory. As my eyes hit my ankle, a small turd rolls out and continues to roll on the floor until it stops just in front of a stall. At the age of 8 I learned what it meant to be horrified. I don’t know how I missed it but I did. God was smiling on me that day as no one was in the bathroom. I quickly grabbed a piece of toilet paper, picked it up as if I were a dog and threw it in the toilet. There you go! Are you happy now? 🙂

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