Changing habits

I’ve come to realize that in some aspects of my life, I’m a little bit OCD. 

Just certain things that I always do in the same order, and if I somehow mess it up my day is thrown off just a little bit. Like I’m not going to have a meltdown or anything but it just messes with my day. Here is just a small list of things that fall into that category:

  • wearing my purse on the same side every day. I have TRIED to switch but I just can’t.
  • my morning routine
    • mascara, brush teeth, eye shadow, eye liner. I think this is more convenient though since I wear glasses. I always put the mascara on first so that it has a chance to dry and I don’t get globs on my glasses
    • I always do the left eye before the right. I started this about 6 years ago when I got contacts. My doctor always told me to keep the same routine so I always start with the left. Last week I did the right eye first and I was all “omg what just happened?!”
  • my evening routine
    • wash face, floss, brush teeth – always in the same order
  • the order in which I put on clothes in the morning

All these things are just natural habits that I have fallen into. If I for some reason mix them up I have a feeling that I’ve forgotten something for a little bit, even if I know that I haven’t.

How about you? Are there little things in your life that you need to complete in the same order or you feel weird?


5 thoughts on “Changing habits

  1. Oh, I cannot hang my bag on the other shoulder. It falls right off. Maybe my shoulders are totally uneven. I also have to do everything in the shower in the same order or I am completely confused. One time I mixed it up and I’m pretty sure I washed my hair twice. If I start brushing my teeth on the wrong side of my mouth, I feel like I forgot how to do it entirely… hahaha! I’m glad to hear this happens to you… because I just think it’s my old age (of 29 years. 😛 ).

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    • I think people who don’t have a regular routine might be able to cope better with the ebs and flows of life? If there is nothing to disrupt maybe it is easy to go with the disruption? Just my thinking of course lol but that being said, I do think myself to be a pretty flexible person lol


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