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There are a few times where I wish I could give my parents relationship advice. In all honesty, most of these instances occur when my mom is being my mom. And I do have to admit I tend to take my dad’s sides on things. Mostly because my mom is usually being my mom. BUT I came across this article today and I think it has come great advice for both my parents (like the not yelling thing OMG YES!). Not that I would ever think it my place to actually tell them any of these things though. And even though I have basically zero relationship experience, these are tips that I actually have put into practice previously. Maybe not all of them, since I have never been married or lived with a guy I’ve been in a romantic relationship with, but still some solid advice.

The article is called 16 Ways I blew my marriage and here’s how not to blow yours. Catchy title!  Check out this guy’s advice.

For those of you who are/have been married, what do you think? Is this guy making some valid points?


3 thoughts on “Relationship Advice

  1. That list was depressing for me to read. I’m sure most marriages are not perfect, but damn, my husband is guilty of a LOT of those things… like 12 of them. And to be truthful, I’m guilty of some, too, but closer to 4. No wonder I am miserable so often…

    Anyway, yes, I think he is making very valid points. I’d like to have my husband read this… but even I can get him to read it (not sure I can), it will have no impact anyway. I’ve tried similar things before… it doesn’t matter. Can’t make things better if only half of “us” cares enough to try. Just saying, “yes, I do care,” means nothing without actions to support that claim!

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    • Aww I’m sorry that it made you feel depressed and I hope that you can get him to read it and really READ it. I think a lot of relationships fall into these mistakes that he lists, not just marriages but even friendships. Sure the payouts aren’t the same (he mentions sexy times a lot as a reward) but it’s the effort being put into all kinds of relationships. I know that I am guilty of a few of these in my non-romantic relationships and it takes a toll on them as well. And I totally agree that things wont changes if its only one person caring 😦

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      • Oh, you don’t have to apologize. It’s okay. I do have moments when I feel worse about things and moments when I feel better… it’s pretty random. And you’re right about these applying to other sorts of relationships, too!

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