Thank goodness it’s the weekend

Do you ever have days where you just want to walk out of your job and be like “screw this!” Yesterday was one of those days for me. 

My classes on Monday/Wednesday/Friday are starting to go down hill again. I have two class that I teach two days, then I switch them out with the director for two days. It’s because we have too many classes and only one English teacher and since the parents are paying for their child to have a class with an English teacher, I have to teach them.

One of the classes is really sweet and I enjoy teaching them. They are a little crazy sometimes but they are super young and energetic so it’s ok. I can control them by busting out the “teacher voice” if needed.

The other class I dread teaching. It’s 7 boys and one shy little girl who just started last month. The boys are out of control. They don’t listen, never stop talking. I told them on Wednesday if they were talking during our listening activity I was going to start the cd over again. We listened to that listening track SIX TIMES. Granted it is only 1.5 minutes long but still, that’s freaking annoying. On the 5th time we made it to the last sentence and someone started talking about so we started ALL OVER AGAIN.

I have tried to talk to the director about discipline but nothing seems to work. I kind of just get the brush off. Sometimes I’m told that I’m too nice with them. But what really happens is that the students KNOW I don’t understand them, and they KNOW that I can’t yell at them in Korean or call their parents. So they just don’t listen. My class is time to sit and do nothing and talk to their friends.

There is a discipline system: they use fake US dollars. If you are good you earn a dollar, if you are bad it gets taken away. A few months ago I switched from handing out dollars to keeping a tally on the white board. This way I control how many dollars the students have and I don’t have to stop teaching every 5 minutes to take a dollar away from someone. I just walk up to the board and wipe a tally mark off. If your tally is red it means that you are in the minus. Before, they could just say “teacher no dollars” and I would have to just let it go. But this only works on certain students. Some students just don’t care about this dollar system. Even if it comes to market day and they have no money to buy any thing from the little shop that is set up.

Yesterday, I had the bad class. We got through the book work without too much trouble, and the last thing I had planned was to colour a cupcake for the birthday wall. It’s a week later than everyone else but it’s the first time I’ve had them on a Friday to do it. We were all good until the last 5ish minutes of class. THEN I look to the back of the room, two boys are going it at it. Not like a fist fight like I would see in Canada, ooo no! One had a fist full of the other’s hair, while the one one was digging his fingers into the arm of the first. They weren’t moving just hurting each other.

I broke it up, separated them and then the class was over a few minutes later. I knew that I couldn’t deal with it so I went to their next class which was their Korean teacher (thank goodness! Some of the students go home after me) and I explained to her what had happened. She just told me to take money away from them…..yeah because that is going to help SO MUCH. They then started fighting in HER class so she had to take action. When I returned from the bathroom a few minutes later they were in the hall, a mother was in on it and one of the little boys was crying.

I also had to kick a boy out of my next class. I put a chair in the hall and had him sit in it. I was only going to make him stay out there for 5 minutes but then he started rattling the door handle, and slapping the “new hip” version of pokemon cards in the window of the door. Apparently when I told him to leave his phone and cards in the class he only left his phone. So he stayed out there for 35 minutes until the end of our 45 minute class.

Then after a long day of all that I had pilates. First week to go all three days! YAY ME! I’m exhausted right now but at least I was able to expend some of that negative energy into the gym ball as I was laying on my back holding it over my head keeping my legs straight as I kicked it 50 times.

Now it’s Saturday, the threat of the typhoon from Taiwan seems to be nonexistent as it isn’t even going to make it as far over as Japan and I am going to a craft market. Since crafting makes everything better!

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