Tales from the Subway

I spent most of my time away from home today riding the subways, and it provided me with lots of interesting characters for this post.

Today was apparently wear crazy shirt day in South Korea and I saw quite a few crazy ones. Unfortunately I am still not comfortable trying to sneak a picture of the madness around me since my phone makes noise when it takes a picture, so I will just had to describe the shirts for you:

  1. Be cool like my bace bean
  2. Be Easy (literally right across a girl’s chest)
  3. Carpe Diem: this too shall soon pass away

On the first train ride, there was a man standing at the end of the car, and I guess his bag was pretty heavy because he was using it to work on his biceps, doing curls with it. First one arm and then the next.

Waiting for a connecting train: it was SUPER hot out today and you know how you might stand and pinch the front of your shirt and pull it in and out to create air flow to cool yourself down? Well there was a lady doing this, to the back of a man’s shirt. Let’s just hope that it was her man.

Back on the train: a young guy spent the time between stops walking from one set of doors to the other: touch the door, look out, and then walk back to the other doors.. At first it was ok since there wasn’t too many people but then the train started to get crowded and he would like push his way through.

I know I shouldn’t be the judge of anyone’s clothing choices but someone needs to talk to the girl that I saw today. She was wearing this white maxi dress, it was actually really pretty. But underneath it was a black bra and BRIGHT pink underpants.

Back on the train again: the doors were just about to close and this one middle-aged lady JUST slips in. There was a youngish guy behind her (not her travel companion) and he hesitated for like half a second thinking maybe he should wait. Then he went for it! Well the doors closed on him, hopefully it didn’t hurt too much. But he made it onto the train. Lucky for the lady behind him because the doors had to open all the way again before re-shutting and she was able to get onto the train.

Even though there were lots of crazy characters today on the train, it was a pretty great day. There is apparently a McDonald’s in the next town over but I don’t know where it is, nor do I want to know. I. LOVE. BIG. MACS. So today while I was out I went and got one. The only place I know for sure that there is a McD’s is in Itaewon, and that’s an hour subway ride away. That was the first stop today. Then onto the craft market to pick up some cross stitch items. Now that I’m finished the baby blanket, I want to start a wedding gift for a lady I worked with at Tim Horton’s. Not only did I pick up everything I needed and more, walking away with this great haul,

But I was also blessed to never have to get onto an “over crowded to the point of not being able to breathe” subway car. At one transfer the car I was walking up to was WAY too full. No way I was going to fit into it! So I waited for the next one which was half empty! I even got a seat for almost all of my rides. BONUS.

Double bonus: the super super hot guys I got to sneak peaks at out of the corner of my eye while coming home. I think they were from Brazil or something. Nothing like some eye candy to make the day even better.

7 thoughts on “Tales from the Subway

  1. Sounds like some very entertaining rides! At least they’re not boring. But I have to mention that in the picture of your craft supplies, that white thing with the pink dot on it at one end… looks like a pregnancy test. 😀

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