Love vs. Hate

Is it always so easy to place things in a category of love or hate? 

As some of you may know, I’m part of a book club here in Incheon. It’s a small group but a wide mix of different back grounds, and I am enjoying getting to know the people better.

There is me (of course), and I am the only Canadian. 2 Americans who are husband and wife, 2 South Africans, 2 British and 1 Korean. I’ve only been two times so far but it’s a nice group.

We pick our books very democratically. We all write a book and our name on a piece of paper and then whoever hosted for the day draws the next book. If you hosted that day, then you don’t get to put a new book into the pile. It’s quite nice.

I’ve finally settled on a book that I want them all to read, and one question that always gets asked is “did you like it”. Well this book, I honestly say at first I hated it. It made me so angry! But now I kind of love it. But it’s the type of book that still makes me angry so I hate that I love it.

This got me thinking about the different categories of love and hate, and I would like to propose two new ones:

love-hate, and hate-love.

Let me elaborate: I don’t think that love and hate just fall into to separate different categories, like a fork in the road

I actually think it is more of a balancing act, and that the categories sometimes over lap.

And this is kind of where that book falls in. It’s a book taking the Noah story from the Bible and completely destroying it (kind of like the Russel Crowe movie from a few years ago…). At first I hated the book, but I was reading it for a university class and I had to finish it. It made me so angry! But then I ended up really loving the story. I connected to the story and the characters, but the religious part of me still hated the message that it was portraying to the world. So I came up with “hate-love”. I really hate that I love this book so much.

Other things that fall into this category are my tastes in music and movies. Sometimes I just hate that I love certain things so much haha.

Now the next category is “love-hate”. This one is a little hard to really pin-point but I think I can describe it best with Donald Trump. I really love that I hate him so much. I can’t stand the man, and something in me really enjoys hating on him.

How about you? Are there things in your life that you love to hate? Or hate that you love?


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