A Masterpiece

A few months ago, some of you might remember that I started knitting a baby blanket for some friends of mine who were expecting. 

I started around March or so, expecting to have lots of time to finish it since the baby wasn’t due until the middle of July, and I wasn’t going home until the end of July.

Then my brother informed me in late April that the baby had already come (read about that here). The couple hadn’t announced it on social media yet, since their precious little girl was 3 full months premature. This put a halt in my knitting desires. I didn’t want to keep working on this blanket just in case this tiny little peanut didn’t make it. It was too much to think about.

For about a solid month I didn’t touch the blanket. I had 2 skeins of yarn into it at that point,but I didn’t know if I could finish it.

But the couple finally announced their little peanut on social media, and the pictures started coming. She was so small!!! When she was born she was just over 1 lb. But she kept growing and thriving in the hospital! This little monkey is now over 2 months old, and is able to wear actual clothes! She is still growing and still thriving!

Mid-May I started back into knitting. The pattern I was using was very easy. It was a 4 row pattern and in the end should look like lace. However, because I’m not a super fast knitter (like my mom who can whip out a baby sweater in like 2 days) and this was the largest knitting project I have ever taken on, it took me a full hour just to complete the 4 rows that made up the pattern! And that whole hour only yielded another 2cm onto this blanket which was suppose to measure 145cm before I switched to the final 6 rows of knitting and then casting off.

For the last few months, every Sunday has been dedicated to this blanket. I have worked sometimes just one hour, sometimes 5. But in total (accounting for the time it took to rip out whole rows and start again since I made a few mistakes) I have about 70 hours locked into this thing. BUT it is FINALLY finished!!!

I finished last night, and although the stitches are a little bit looser on one end, making it a tad bit wider, I am overall pleased with the out come. I’m not sure if I will ever take up another big project like this (scarves and baby booties are more my style) but I am glad that I have finished it! It’s not the full 145cm plus 6 more rows though. I was gauging by how tall I am   – I stand at around 170 cms, and the blanket, when held up goes from touching the floor right to the bottom of my bra – impressive I think! Probably a nice 130cm in total! And I have a tiny little ball of yarn left over from the last skein that I purchased. When I get back to Canada, I will just have to borrow a quilting needle from my mom to secure in all the loose ends and give it a wash, but it is finally finished!

Look at my masterpiece!


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