Fatty McCupcakes’ Starbucks Challenge

Alright ya’ll – so everyone says the first step in overcoming an addiction is admitting you have an addiction. So for the record, let me say this:


Fellow Blogger, Fatty McCupcakes recently wrote a post called Adulting Sucks #4,562 explaining her Starbucks habits and how it is affecting her budget (is it affecting or effecting? Horrible English teacher right here….so ironic that I teach English for a living HA!)

I love Starbucks. It just started creeping up on me. Since I had no internet in my apartment for 7 weeks when I first moved here, 6 days out of the week, I would spend a few hours every morning in Starbucks doing email related things, and loading movies and tv shows on my laptop for any non-internet time in my apartment later that day. Ever since then, my day is basically not complete unless I have a Starbucks drink. Which of course is super easy to get since on the first floor of the building where I work there is a Starbucks!

So I have made a decision – I’m not sure if Fatty McCupcakes meant to issue a challenge, but since I was commenting on her post while waiting for my order at Starbucks, I decided I just might have a tiny problem, and I have taken her post to be the issuing of a new challenge and FMcC: I accept this challenge!

I go on vacation on July 23rd. Currently it is July 2nd. I vow that I will not have any more Starbucks until I return from Canada on July 31st! NO MORE I SAY!!!

Instead of spending 5,700 won every day on a grande iced vanilla latte, I will now be getting these little coffee drinks. I see them in the grocery store (1350 won) and in convenient stores (1000 won) all over the place so I will switch them out for my mid-afternoon caffeine booster. I have picked up 3 already on my way home today from the grocery store (buy 2 get 1 free FTW) so I am set for the first few days of the work week.

Wish me luck Giggling Followers and drop in readers! I’m sure it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


7 thoughts on “Fatty McCupcakes’ Starbucks Challenge

  1. You are so awesome to mention me in your post!!! You can do it!! As you learned from my post, I spent $100 in under a month at Starbucks! So, if your habit is like mine, you could easily save some big bucks! I’ll be rooting for you, chica!


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