The Rains Have Begun

It’s been a week now of “will it or won’t it” when it comes to the rains. Monsoon season officially started about 10 days ago, but as of yet there has been a very suspicious lack of rains around this joint.Β 

Until today that is! For the whole week it has been hot and humid, almost on the verge of rain but not quite there yet. It was like the anticipation of that first kiss with that super hot boy you’ve have your eye on for a while. You go on your first date, and you are just waiting until that magical moment happens – but NOTHING all freaking week.

Finally this morning the clouds opened up. The stale air has disappeared and you can finally breathe again! It’s like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

When leaving for work today, it wasn’t raining all that hard. I had decided a few days ago that today I would wear a skirt, and gosh darn it! I was going to wear a skirt today! I left my apartment confident in my choice. I looked very boho-loveable. A long colourful maxi skirt, simple black t-shirt and Birkenstocks. As I stepped off the elevator to head down the 4 little steps to the street, I almost died! My birks don’t have any tread left on the bottom so I basically just slip and slide all over the place.

The skirt was no problem going to work – but coming home was a different story. Thank goodness I skipped out on pilates tonight (it’s the stepper box, I HATE the stepper box. Last time I did it, I had to stop pilates for a whole week because I killed my back). I carefully and gingerly walked down the wet steps at work with the same careful foot placement as a 95 year old woman climbing up icy steps in the middle of winter.

I stopped just inside the doors and with a quick look around, I Eurkled my skirt up a good 4 inches so that it wouldn’t get soaking wet on the way home. The 2 minute walk turned into almost 5, stepping into a large puddle the first step out the door at work which made my birks all slippery. It was a leg workout just trying to keep my feet in the sandals all the way home.

But alas, I am home! With a more substantial dinner beside me, an hour earlier than I expected. And after spending more than the required amount of time trying to find a good M.A.S.H monsoon season clip for ya’ll, I think I’ll just eat my dinner before it gets super cold.

Now to just plan my weekend in a way that I won’t go crazy from staying inside as the tears of a hundred thousand angels come crashing down around me.

Welcome to monsoon season!


5 thoughts on “The Rains Have Begun

    • Not exactly the same as a hurricane, just lots of rain. Once you really get into the monsoon season it can be all day every day. Right now thw clouds have cleared and its a beautiful sunny day! πŸ™‚ but that can change at any moment haha!

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