Awkward Moments

As a teacher, there are certain times when you are almost guaranteed to have awkward moments in your class. I find that most of those moments are centered around teaching a lesson on reproduction (science or health)

I also find that awkward moments are more centered around boys than girls.

I’ve have the usual things happen:

  • when drawing a picture of the person sitting beside you, the boys will add hair growing out of the armpits (of a fully clothed person)
  • walking past a 22 year old’s book seeing “teacher” and little hearts drawn all over the place
  • 13 year olds drawing little penises on their books
  • students noticing body hair that they don’t have (check out this post for more on that)
  • boys tugging and pulling at the front of their pants – I know young boys like to “explore” but it’s really awkward when it happens in front of you…..

Today, I had a very awkward moment. This class only has 2 boys in it, and they happen to be brothers. We had just finished our final test, one boy runs to the bathroom, the other stands beside me and watches me while I check the answers in his book.

As I was going along with my red pen, I was quietly saying “yes…… yes…… correct…… yup” out loud, not really thinking about it, barely above a whisper.

Then, the older of the two brothers (the one not in the bathroom), stood beside me and was just “yes, yes, yes, yes, yes” at one point he started to bop up and down, closed his eyes and everything. I just had to do a half laugh and be like “J – what are you doing? You’re crazy”.

It definitely reminded me of Monica Gellar on Friends describing the 7 pleasure zones on a woman….

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