The (hopeful) End to the Sickness Saga

What a week! 

Today is Wednesday in South Korea, and last Wednesday was my first trip to the ear/nose/throat hospital here in Jakjeon.

If you’ve been keeping up with my never ending string of posts about being sick (sorry for that ya’ll), you’ll know that I didn’t realize that I was actually getting prescriptions for medicine!

I took all three to the pharmacy this morning and I handed the first one to the guy behind the counter. He knows my face since I’ve been in there a few other times to get some things that I needed.

He wouldn’t accept the one from last Wednesday (I had to try!) but he did take he one issued yesterday. So I came home with pills for 3 days. He says there are no side effects but they might make me a little sleepy. Let’s hope not too sleepy or I’ll be passing out during final tests this afternoon HAHA.

The one thing I love about Korean medicine is that it comes in dosage bags. They are these cute little wax paper sections that they put one dose of meds in for however long you need to take them.

Isn’t that adorable?!? I love it. One package at breakfast/lunch/dinner for three days. Awesome.

Let’s hope that in three days this stupid cough is GONE GONE GONE and I can go back to living my life without being sick.

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