The Sickness Saga

So, it’s been just over 3 weeks now of being sick, and I made a very interesting discovery today. 

This morning, I went back to the doctors, for the usual “come back in three days” routine I’ve been doing since last Wednesday. She did her normal check in my nose and throat, making me tear up, and then she said she was going to give me “antibiotics for three days” and I didn’t have to come back. Normally she says she will give me antibiotics and to come back in three days.

I leave her office, and I have to do the nose vapour thing again. I think it’s like having nasal spray, except I hold something in each side of my nose for 30 seconds. I pay my bill (like a good girl) and I leave with the paper they normally give me.

Later today I as at work, and her wording hit me “antibiotics for three days”. Does that mean I have to go back for two more days and do the nose thing? OR! What if that paper they have been giving me has been a prescription?

Well, I started to FREAK out in my mind – if it was a prescription, I have been missing out on medication for a whole week now and I could have been better. I send a message to my co-worker asking if I could send her a picture of the paper when I got home. I did, and guess what! It’s a freaking prescription!

So now I have three unfilled prescriptions in my apartment, which I thought were all receipts for medical services. The first time that I went to the doctors, I walked out without paying and had to go back in to pay. When they gave me the paper, no one told me to go to the pharmacy. I didn’t ask, I thought that the breathing thing I had to do with the mist was the antibiotics the doctor was telling me about. She never told me about any pills, and I didn’t realize that I was holding a prescription not a print out of my medical visit.

So tomorrow I will be going to the pharmacy. I was just going to take the one prescription, but I think I will take all 3 and talk to the pharmacist. If that doesn’t work, I will go back up to the doctor’s and talk to her about it, asking which meds I should be taking since I haven’t taken any that she has prescribed for me.

Totally frustrated right now!


5 thoughts on “The Sickness Saga

    • There are a few things different in Canada, but the paper is written in Korean and they didn’t tell me it was for medicine. I thought that the “in office treatment” WAS the medicine she was giving me. I think I will start with the first prescription if they will still fill it and work from there.


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