Life Lately #5

These Life Lately posts have become the perfect way to start my Monday mornings, since I generally have nothing else to say on Mondays….

Lately, I’ve been thinking… a lot about the future. Tomorrow is my 7 month mark into my contract here in Incheon and it’s at this point where I need to start making plans for what happens next. 5 months left isn’t a very long time to secure a job back home. And I will 95% need a job secured before I can come home. Any filthy rich people out there want to hire me to hang out with you? I can tell really bad jokes, have political conversations, and can craft with you. 

Lately, I’ve been feeling…a little stressed over the above situation, but also totally excited because my vacation is now less than 4 weeks away!! WOOHOOO I can’t wait to see my friends and family. 

Lately, I’ve been wanting…the exact shrimp tempura handroll from the one sushi restaurant that I always go to with my one friend. I have connected her to this place, so much so that every time I know I am going to see her, I crave the sushi at that one place. Sushi stars, I miss you!! And I wont have enough time to visit you on my trip which is CRUSHING my soul!! *sobs uncontrollably* 

Lately, I’ve been doing…pilates! Man I am loving it! Even though I still need to pop in a cough candy to make sure I get through the class without a coughing fit. But I am loving it! On Friday I was all excited because the class before us was doing some sort of like ribbon/band thing that I have never done before! Apparently it’s part of the regular rotation but I have just been missing it. 

Lately, I’ve been hoping…that my stupid freaking cough would go away!! I’ve been to the doctor twice now. Each time, she gives me some “medicine” in the doctors office (first I had to breathe in some mist through my mouth and nose, then some vapour up my nose) and still I don’t see any improvement. But I go back again tomorrow (every 3 days!) and we will see what happens next. 

Now just for the fun of it, enjoy these cute dinosaurs


10 thoughts on “Life Lately #5

    • OOO I am so jealous!! 😦 lol I went back to the doctor today and she had me do the same nasal vapour thingy she had me do on Saturday and said I don’t have to come back now. So hopefully I’m on the mend, if not, I’ll switch doctors lol….that’s the thing about being in Korea, is that this doctor was an ear/nose/throat doctor, so she only really treats those three areas

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