Yeouido Park

I was praying all week that this weekend would have good weather – and my prayers were answered! It’s technically monsoon season now here in South Korea, so the days are mostly grey with a smattering of rain here and there. Thankfully Saturday was a beautifully sunny and hot day! 

After my quick trip to the doctors and my bi-weekly trip to get my nails changed up, I took the subway out to Yeouido Park. It’s right by the Han River and it was definitely worth the trip!

The weather leaving Bupyeong was hot and a little humid. Kind of uncomfortable actually. I was regretting leaving my sun umbrella at home, opting instead for a rain umbrella just in case a random shower popped up while I was out.

Getting to Yeouido station, the weather was vastly different! What a change!! Stepping out from the station into the daylight, the temperature had dropped a few degrees making it bearable for a walk in the park. There was also the most amazing breeze! It actually flipped my umbrella almost out of my hand, bending a few of the posts the wrong way. I walked the 5 minutes to the park and put my umbrella away. In the park, the breeze was diverted, and the result was the most amazing temperature for walking. I took a leisurely walk around, stopping to rest and people watch a few times and getting some great pictures.

I am so glad that the rains held off for the weekend so I could squeeze in some time in the park! Next time however, I think I might rent a form of transportation. You can rent bikes for about $2 an hour, and I think you can even rent motorized options like scooters and segways.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy from my brief trip around the park:

On the way to the park I saw this and was amazed

Upon closer inspection of these arches, the plants aren’t flowers but squash hehe

The Great King Sejong of Korea – he is the one who created the Korean alphabet 

There are these traditional looking resting areas all over the place, as well as hatch roofed areas. You can sit and read, or take a nap etc. Just remember to take off your shoes before going inside.

Kissey kissey! 


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