This is another issue that I’ve been sitting on for a while, trying to get my opinions composed a little bit.Β 

However, just like my rant about the changing of the Canadian national anthem, the longer I hold my opinions to myself, the more upset I am getting.

And yes, I fully understand the irrationality of this making me upset – but certain celebrities hold a higher level in my mind over others.

I’m talking of course about this new relationship that has sprouted between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston.

Now, I’m sorry but after hearing about this, I basically lost all respect for Tom. And it kind of sucks. It is none of my business who he dates (unless of course that person was me, but after Taylor that would be a big um no thank you….) but for some reason this information knocks him down a dew pegs from the high pedestal I had placed him on, not only as an actor but as a decent human being.

His movies and humanitarian work has been tainted now with his romantic involvement with Taylor. I expected more from you Tom… like an Emma Watson, not a Taylor Swift.

I’m only hoping that this is just a rebound from her last relationship, which apparently only ended two weeks ago...I’ve taken longer to get over a ripped pair of jeans!Β 

Am I the only person who is feeling this way? The rest of the internet seems to be all behind it… Giggling Followers, does anyone back me up on this?!?!


29 thoughts on “Hiddleswift

  1. I feel just as you do. Sure, it probably shouldn’t negate everything else about him… but it kind of does, at least somewhat. I think with whom we chose to spend our time (perhaps especially intimately) says something about us. And this doesn’t speak well for Tom.

    I just wanna watch that commercial when Taylor falls on her face on (off) the treadmill… Maybe THAT says something about me… πŸ˜€

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  2. I am SO GLAD I’m not the only one thinking this!! He’s a beautiful, beautiful, RESPECTABLE man, and Taylor Twit is just not good enough for him. What he sees in her, I know not. He would be SO MUCH happier with me 😜

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    • For me, it’s all the drama that she’s gotten herself into these past few years….I never paid any attention to her until she got REALLY popular outside of country, and then she was the “send christmas presents to my fans” Taylor, so nice! Now she’s the “she’s broken up with her bf AGAIN, and is dating someone new AGAIN, and this song is about this person, and she’s fighting with this person” omg….

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    • She hasn’t DONE anything bad. People want to crucify her because she writes about her exes. So what!? Most artist write from experience. People say that she “dates” too much….too many….too soon…. Seems to me several of the names on the LIST shouldn’t even be there! She went out with Jake G (sp?) for about two months and I don’t know how long for the Kennedy kid and John Mayer. It’s called dating…..where you’re getting to know who someone isssssss, what they like, etc. I’m not sure how exactly she’s doing it WRONG!! :/ Soooooooooo glad I didn’t have a spotlight shining on me between the ages of 19 and 26! People have critiqued her for the way she CARRIES HER PURSE! Seriously! (Hotmess, you should be glad you’re out of the loop!) AND when she gave $250,000 to the Kesha defense team….she didn’t do THAT right either. Then there’s people who say she puts on this perfect veneer and they rag her for THAT. This seems to be the chief complaint and the reason why so many people are happy about her ‘downfall’. [I’m using the term used on Taylor-hater websites.] Hmmmmmmmmmmm, maybe she’s an imperfect person with multiple layers – just like most of us – TRYING to be a good person. It’s a darn shame – but not surprising – that people can’t grasp that. In a world where people are “keeping up with the Kardashians”, it’s not too often that we see NICE and aren’t suspicious. People want to knock her down because she APPEARS to be (too) SWEET. WOW I think it’s admirable that she’s clung to some naivete in such a hard business as SHOW business. And if it’s a stage persona….again so what?? Let’s be honest. Even us regular people “put on” the face that we want the world to see. We’re not EXACTly the same at work, for instance, as we are at home. If you want to call it an ‘act’…..I’d rather see Taylor’s than some of the other TRASH out there. I know – I got a little ranty. It’s just ridiculous AND sad.

      …..and it must have been the lighting. Tom is a cutie though not in the conventional pretty-boy kind of way! πŸ˜‰

      PS No, I’m not one of her twelve year old fans.


  3. I totally agree…I’ve seen rumors of Tom (my second husband, as I call him) dating others but it was always classy, discreetly handled, none of this overblown PDA paparazzi BS. While admittedly I am always going to be a little jealous over whomever he ends up with, this flat out enrages, saddens, and confuses me. And given the fact that Taylor Swift, whatever her good qualities or talents may be, is KNOWN for using all her lovers for song inspiration…uh, if I were a man, I’d be REALLY wary of pairing up with her. On a level, I get it–she’s pretty enough (for a skinny girl, ha–though we plus size girls RULE :)), and she has enough money to make him a kept man…but…dang. I really thought Tom would end up with someone who was not an attention whore. Someone who was a little more intellectual, adorably polite and slightly geeky, and not likely to smear him after/if it was over.

    I have read conflicting reports. Some articles say he’ll propose any day now (whoa boy…that’s a little fast for any real romance, let alone a probably-staged one!) and others saying he regrets ever doing this PR stunt, and others somewhere in the middle. Now for me, what’s suspect is the fact that he was evasive about talking about her when perfectly innocuous questions were posed to him. I asked my first husband, “Honey, if we were at a beach party on the 4th of July and there were tons of pictures of us hugging and kissing and you were wearing a cheesy shirt proclaiming your love for me, if someone asked us on our next vacation how we were enjoying ourselves and what we plan to do, what would you say?” First husband replies like a normal man who loves his wife and is not afraid to admit it publicly; “Oh, I’d say we’re having fun and we’re going to go all over and sight see.” EXACTLY. No man who’s actually in love and plans a future with someone would say, “I don’t know, I’d rather not talk about it, let’s just talk about my work.”

    I pray Tom will severe himself from Taylor Swift and hopefully the collateral damage isn’t overwhelming. And by and by I think I could forgive him. But if they do end up married and have kids…goddess forgive me for saying this…we are never, ever, ever getting back together.

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    • Woo! I love when I find someone who is as heated up about this thing as me! Although I did read an article the other day that says its for a “visual album” and they were making all these connections to past relationships Taylor has had and that Tom is just playing all those different men in it – it was very convincing and I hope that it’s true! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your opinion! πŸ˜‰


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