Sore throat, bills, and being filmed

Don’t worry, this post isn’t as bad as that title makes it sound….

I finally decided to go to the doctor. I was going to go on Monday but when I woke up, after spending the majority of the weekend at home not talking, my throat was better and my cough seemed to be gone. Then after teaching on Monday it went back to being sore and my cough was back…they go hand in hand and it’s starting to get annoying.

So yesterday, the receptionist at work told me of a throat hospital (Korean doctors specialize in areas, it’s much more effective than going to the regular hospital). It was within walking distance, so that’s much better than the cab ride to the regular hospital. Which I could have done but this was better I think since the doctor only deals with ears/nose/throat.
At first I went to the wrong building, there are a few medical offices all in a row, but the one receptionist working there actually left her post (there were two of them so it was ok) and walked me next door and told me which floor to go to. Koreans are very nice to this white girl. ๐Ÿ™‚
I go, and see the doctor, after taking pictures in my ears and nose and throat, and blowing something (maybe just air) into my nose and throat, and putting some tool far into my nose, she said she thinks its just a symptom of a common cold (which duh..I just said I had a cold for 2 weeks). So she had me take medicine for it (just sit for a minute breathing in a mist at a station in the office) and I’m to go back on Saturday to have her check again.
And then just like a Canadian, I just walked out to wait for the elevator. But they came out and brought me back in to pay after – a whooping 16,000 won! Silly me.
Speaking of bills, I’ve finally started to receive that one bill that’s been mysteriously missing for the last few months. I paid it in December, but that was for November’s tenant and not me. The school reimbursed me for that cost, but it was only 40,000. Then in January it was 240,000!!! I was so shocked!!! February, no bill. So the receptionist called and they said I hadn’t used enough to bill me. March, no bill. April, no bill, so I had the receptionist call again. I didn’t want to beย that foreigner who didn’t pay her bills. The receptionist said they had over charged me in January so I was still working it off. May – no bill.
So finally, yesterday the bill arrived! This bill is just SOOO MUCH I’m not sure how I’m going to handle it: 1,440 won HAHA ย For those American followers reading this, that’s $1.25, and for my Canadian followers it’s $1.60. The same price of a medium coffee from Tim Hortons haha.
Today there is filming at the school for a promotional video….I don’t want to be in it, but apparently I have no choice. I was told to wear “bright colours” so I chose a black shirt and a white little sweater to go over it, and one of my long colourful skirts but I still don’t see why I HAVE to be in it.

6 thoughts on “Sore throat, bills, and being filmed

  1. I knew exactly what you were going to say when you said like a Canadian I walked out….hilarious! I may move to Canada b/c of the healthcare. I pay $1,200 a month in health insurance. Sure, I probably have the $h%ty set up with my work and there is probably cheaper but yeah, it’s a mortgage payment.

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