Life Lately #4

A look into the boring life that I have led this week…..

Lately, I’ve been thinking…that maybe staying that extra 4 months after vacation isn’t going to be REALLY that horrible….I guess…..

Lately, I’ve been feeling…really angry because the job I was offered in Canada turned out to be a big let down, failure, scam. Thanks to my friends and family (the few who knew about it) and helped me to see that it was in fact a scam and not just a REALLY amazing job that was being offered to be without having an interview or calling any references…..

Lately, I’ve been wanting…I don’t even know! I’m not sure what I’ve been wanting. It’s kind of been a chill type of week….maybe pizza? But I always want pizza so does that even count?! 

Lately, I’ve been doing…some list making for my trip back home. People to see, things to do, things to buy! I hope I can fit it all in! 

Lately, I’ve been hoping…that monsoon season stays off for at least one more week so I can actually get to Han River before it starts and then have to wait 2 months for the rains to stop…..


6 thoughts on “Life Lately #4

  1. I enjoyed reading some of your posts this morning, along with a cup of coffee. Your story kind of proves a point that is my motivation for blogging – no one’s story is really boring (although not everyone is as engaging a storyteller). Everyone has struggles, challenges, adventures, interesting friends and family and all these things are worth sharing with others. It helps us to not feel alone and teaches us to have compassion and appreciation for others.
    You picked a very memorable title for your blog, but I hope you know there is “love for fatties” (air quotes, as you would say). I was especially touched by your predicament with your mom and could feel the pain, not because I have the same situation but because I am a daughter and a mother of daughters and I cherish those relationships so much. I don’t have grandchildren either but I’ve found plenty of kids around who will take any grandma they can get. I hope your mom figures this out.
    Also enjoyed your writing because you don’t use a lot of profanity. Obviously, being an English teacher, you have a large enough vocabulary to describe feelings in more meaningful ways. Keep it up. Hoping you feel loved today.

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    • Thank you so much for such a lovely response 🙂 I am glad that you are enjoying and connecting with my blog in such a way. That’s all I can ask for of my followers. I’m glad you like my writing style as well – I tend not to use profanity when I am speaking so I guess that just translates to my writing as well 🙂 Your comments have definitely made my night! Thank you again!

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  2. I am so sorry about that job. I hate them. The job hunt is the worst (it’s ironic I am writing about this here b/c I just finished a post on the actual job hunt and what it feels like). Would you consider America? I feel like all my friends around here are either principals or teachers.

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