Oh, Canada….

I’ve been sitting on this post for a few days now, hoping that my attitude towards it would change. Alas, it has not, and I can no longer hold in my opinions.

*be advised, the following is a rant, and is probably (most definitely) extremely insensitive*

It has come to my attention that parliament has decided to change the words to “Oh Canada”, our national anthem. For those who haven’t had the chance to ever hear this beautiful song, here ya go:

There are also numerous other versions, a full French version of course, and then just to play tricks on the minds of students, to ensure that they probably never remember all the words in one single language, there is a French/English hyrbid.

Now, in 2016, there is this push to change the lyrics to be “gender neutral”. In the whole of the song, this applied to literally ONE word: “in all thy sons command”. Literally ONE word.

I read a news article here about the process and I am pretty much enraged! Not like “ooo hahah a Canadian is enraged”


But like actually angry.

The article states that in 2010, there was another push to make the national anthem gender neutral – except that time they went about it in the correct way. They polled the nation, had a vote or something like that (I was actually in Korea that time too so not 100% sure about it). What they found was that Canadians, as a whole, didn’t want to change the national anthem. You’d think they would have learned their lesson.


In the article, you can clearly see why the national anthem is being changed. There is one MP (member of parliament) who has decided that it is his life’s mission to change the national anthem – he probably wants a political legacy. Which he will now have. But what they also tell you, is that he is dying of ALS, which is a horrible horrible disease and I don’t wish it on anyone.

So basically what has happened, is that the bill to change the national anthem has been pushed through the various levels of parliament without consulting the actual citizens of Canada because this man is dying and he wanted to see it changed before he died. Now it has made its way through all three readings so basically that’s it. We, as a nation, have no choice or voice in the matter.

What is the kicker is that, instead of reverting back to the pre-1913 lyrics which fit the tune and melody and which roll off the tongue in an easy manner, this guy has decided to change the lyrics to something completely different which, in my opinion, sound horrible while singing the song (I legit sang it – don’t worry I tested it out).

Now the words will be changed from “true patriot love, in all they sons command” to “in all of us command”. Gah! Apparently since the words were changed in 1913, so much has happened for women’s rights (and it has!) that this MP thinks the national anthem “shouldn’t slight half the population” SERIOUSLY?!? I’m a female and I am in no way slighted by one word in our national anthem.

Really I think that this has been pushed through so quickly because of how fast the ALS has taken hold in this man. He was elected for the 7th time, but in January when he introduced the bill he had to use a tablet to speak for him. Now I sympathize with this man, I really do. I can not even imagine how difficult it must be for him, and his family, to see how this disease is slowly taking him away.

What I don’t sympathize with, is breaking down our country’s traditions and way of political change just because a man is sick. Parliament has completely by-passed it’s own regulations on how to bring such changes about, and the proper protocol. I feel like they have been swayed by the ailing man instead of looking to what the people of Canada want.

I honestly can’t think of a time when I have been more disappointed in my government.


5 thoughts on “Oh, Canada….

  1. This is such a hot button topic! Everyone here is up in arms and I just don’t get it. If even one woman feels her heart isn’t being commanded to feel true patriot love, I’m all for changing it. Then again, I always sing the lyrics wrong to my favourite songs anyway so maybe I’m the wrong girl to ask. I’m just fed up with wasting time over lyrics when I’m sure there has to be something more important that we should be working on. Can you imagine the commotion when they try to pass the bill that will legalize marijuana?


    • I think the issue is that parliament decided to change it without consulting the rest of the nation, like they should have. At least that’s my issue with it. You are so right there are so many more important things to work on. But I think the bill to legalize marijuana will be easier since everyone knows that it’s coming, and it was a big part of Trudeau’s platform when he was running for PM.


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