Death-ilates: Firsts

I’ve kind of been slacking in my pilates routine lately. When I go, I give it 110%, often having to push myself to complete just “a few more reps”, but in all of June so far, I have only gone 4 times, out of a possible 8. 

I’ve missed a few classes because I have been sick. Having a fever and uncontrollable coughing is not a good mix for pilates. Although, when I started to feel better, forcing myself to go to a class has really helped my mood and energy levels. It works out great just as long as I have a lozenge to suck on at the beginning.

Last night, I experienced a number of firsts in my class:

  1. The instructor saw me through an open door and actually shouted “T teacher hello!” into the reception area of my school. She is gaining confidence in speaking to me in English. She even told me on Wednesday that I am “gym ball very good!” so that’s progress!
  2. First time having sweat drip into my eye – let me tell you! That freaking BURNS. It kind of surprised me, came out of no where, and it took me almost a full 5 minutes to recover.
  3. A resistor ring flew across the room – usually when we use the resistor rings, some people will drop them and it’s common to hear them clatter to the floor, but last night one shot clear across the room! Thankfully we were a rather small class last night and it didn’t hit anyone in the process.
  4. English music!! I think the instructor is trying to find popular English music. When I started the only English songs she would have in her rotation were early 90’s Celine Dion, but now she’s branching out. I had to stop myself from sitting on my mat and dancing.
  5. Other people asking me my name: my Korean co-worker L was there last night, so a few of the regular people asked her what my name was. Then she tells them in English to ask me, so I just told them. They are so sweet. Then after class they all shout “Goodbye T!!!” as they climbed into the elevator.

I’m really loving the pilates class, and while sometimes (like last night) on the way home I will stop and get some fried chicken pieces from the little walk up window beside my building, I am enjoying the feeling of getting stronger and more active – which is what I wanted. I feel good about it! Especially since I am going to be spending the entire weekend in my apartment, not talking, trying to get my sore throat to leave me – only venturing out for a few hours for book club later this evening. If the sore throat continues all weekend, Monday morning I will have to head down to the hospital since 2 weeks is my personal limit with sore throats and coughs.

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