Impulse Control

Does anyone else have a problem with impulse control? This week, I am being tested! 

I think that growing up in this digital age has lowered my patience level and severely diminished my impulse control. Growing up, I lived in the middle of no where and I would have to wait for things. When I was in grade 8, our family moved to a bigger city and the internet was just starting to really boom. At such an impressionable age, I was sucked into the now-now-now of it all. And I’m still struggling with it today.

When dealing with things like shopping, I must admit I’ve gotten pretty good at controlling my impulses. I am rational about things and most of the time I can leave something that I really want and sleep on it. If I still want it in a few days, then I’ll go back and get it.

This week however…. this week my control has been severely tested!

I received an email Friday morning (my time) about a job opportunity back home. I replied, knowing full well that the office would have closed at that time. So I was safe for the rest of the weekend from worrying. Now every time I check my personal email, I am filled with hope that there will be a reply waiting for me – but sadly no. My brother has been the voice of reason…which in all honesty, he’s always my voice of reason…. telling me to wait 3-5 business days (Canadian business days) and then check in with them. The job he has now, he said he called and/or emailed every week just to check in. It took about 3-4 weeks before they said it would be 2-3 weeks before they made a decision, and in the end he got the job. So that gives me hope.

But then there is the impatient T who is like “omg it’s been 2 business days and no reply, they won’t ever contact you!” (impatient T needs a Valium)

Normally I would be ok with waiting, but due to the nature of it, there could be some time complications with relocating and I’d want to get them all sorted as quickly as possible.

The other thing that I’m really struggling with is less with patience and more with impulse control.

Now that I have some nail care supplies, I know that I can do my own manicures in Canada whenever I get back there. I have a wishlist started on Amazon and have found some great packages with a company that I just want to buy NOW! But there is no point….since I would have it shipped to my house in Canada and then it would just sit there, for the next 5 months at least, waiting for me to return. I could bring it back to Korea after my vacation but the plugs are different and I’d rather just have someone else do it for me here haha! Since it’s so cheap. Plus, it would be less weight for me to ship back home once my contract is over if I didn’t bring it.

What about you? Do you have patience issues or impulse control problems? I really just need someone to slap me and tell me to pull it together haha


11 thoughts on “Impulse Control

  1. I’ve gotten pretty good with shopping — easy to skip anything I want for me… stuff for the kids, though, that’s harder for me to resist. Plus, having been laid off and therefore constantly worrying about money — that controls spending impulses pretty well!

    My problem is my big mouth. In conversation and even in emails… any sort of communication. Sometimes I say things I regret… and I cannot take them back. Sure, I can say I didn’t mean it but it’s still out there. They’re no cruel horrible things… just things I wish I’d never said.

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  2. I am so impatient. Sometimes o have impulse control problems. If it has to do with buying things, my bank account quickly puts me in check. But I can relate with the impatience issues. This is me all day, erry’day.

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  3. There was a dress I saw online that I really really wanted… I know me wants a dress I never wanted dresses! Anyway I know starting July 7th there will be a sale but I couldn’t wait. This never used to be a problem for me ugh

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