Saying goodbye to sickness

I have decided, that no matter what my body thinks, I am no longer sick.ย 

I always get this way when I’m sick. I get to a point where I’m basically better, except for my cough, and I’m like “No, I’m done. I am not sick anymore!” My body never listens but whatever.

Last night, in an attempt to be “not sick” I decided to go to pilates. If anything else, I was going to sweat this sickness out of me! It’s been over a week since my last class (Friday was cancelled, Monday a holiday, Wednesday sick), so I knew that I would be pushing my limits. It was just weight day, which generally isn’t too overly exerting but still difficult and a great workout.

Here are a few pointers that I would suggest NOT doing if you’re going to consider taking a pilates class:

  1. DON’T try not to cough when doing the warm up breathing exercises. It just makes the cough worse. The whole breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth was apparently aggravating for my throat and I had to literally leave the class because I couldn’t stop coughing.
  2. DON’T attempt to do strenuous exercise with a throat lozenge in your mouth. Upon returning to the class, I popped a lozenge in my mouth hoping that would cure the cough (it did BTW), but doing the exercises and trying to breath properly didn’t really add up together.
  3. DON’T go to pilates class on basically an empty stomach because you brought chicken noodle soup to work but forgot a spoon so then you just ate the noodles and big pieces of carrots and chicken with your fingers like a loser and didn’t really have dinner. You will start to feel a little dizzy around 40 minutes in.
  4. DO look at a heart shaped splatter of sweat on the floor from the class before and thinkย awww that’s so cool and have a special little happy moment because at least you tried!

My instructor was nice enough not to push me last night. She knew I had been sick, and she (and everyone else) heard me coughing out a lung so at around 40 minutes into our 50 minute class, when I just sat criss-cross apple sauce on my mat drinking water, she just gave me a sweet smile and pushed the rest of the class.

As for work and this sickness: everyone at work is really concerned that I’m “still sick”. It’s only been since Monday that I’ve been sick, so less than a week. I’ve told them before that I’m basically better just not my cough – which is how all my sicknesses go. Ever since I had whooping cough when I was in grade 1, all my colds take the same route and I’m used to it. But apparently in Korea you should be better after 1 day.

I’ve went to the pharmacy and picked up medicated lozenges for my throat which totally help! But I can only take them every 2 hours (cos they are medicated). So I’ll take one just before my first class begins so it’s still in my mouth when it starts, but spending 6 hours a day talking, and half yelling, at students isn’t going to help my throat. I’ve pretty much lost my voice completely, because it’s had no rest all week. The more I talk, the more my throat is irritated, and then the more I cough. But yes, of course, I should have been better 3 days ago….obviously…..

Now it’s the weekend. My co-worker has invited me out to the movies so we are meeting up after I get my nails done today. I’m hoping that we can catch an early show and that I won’t be out too late…she wants to show me around Hongdae which is a very popular place for tourists and night clubs and stuff. All I want to be doing is sleeping if I’m honest. But hopefully I can just be quiet the whole day and have her talk HAHA


5 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to sickness

  1. I agree that being sick is all in our minds but you might want to take it easy you might get a relapse or some kind.
    Anyways, I hope you’re feeling much better now ๐Ÿ˜Š

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