Hongdae is a pretty popular area here in South Korea. It has a very successful university and has a popping night life scene. 

Despite being in the country for a combined year and a half, I have never been to Hongdae. Well, my co-worker L (the singer) decided it was about time and we had a day together there. Here are the pictures that survived the transferring process from my camera into my photo album.

L and I were having lunch at a great little taco place, and across the street I was intrigued by this lamp. It was outside of a museum with an “aA cafe”

Despite being soo full from lunch, we stopped into a chocolate shop a few streets over after we left the taco joint. Her best friend used to work there and she basically knows all the workers. We were given free cake and iced coffee while we searched the store for goodies to buy.

One of the workers was a French major so I busted out a quick “bonjour” which caught L’s attention. She had majored in English and minored in French in university so we had a quick back and forth in French. Good to know my accent is still pretty decent after 15 years of not studying the language at all (don’t even get me started on all that!)

These next two are just quick shots from my phone but I had to share them! DRAWERS OF COOKIES PEOPLE!! Every letter of the alphabet.

After a very long day, and a few coughing fits, we ended back at this park which was also our first stop (read about that tomorrow!) L was talking to some friends of hers and I, not having a voice left, was distracted but the amazing graffiti on the surrounding buildings.

In the morning, there will be a more detailed account of the day, including: How I lost another pair of headphones, and Set Ups! Part 2 – the second encounter of T.

So ya’ll make sure you come back for that!

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