The sickness wages on!

So ya’ll know I’ve been a sick baby all week.

It’s Thursday and really starting to get to me. My fever is gone, I’m tired of being sick and tired! The worst part of it all is the coughing. When I was in grade 1, I had whopping cough, which is really serious. Ever since then, whenever I get a cold, I get aΒ really horribleΒ sounding cough. It sounds like my lungs are violently trying to escape from my chest. I’ve lost my voice, which I can deal with, but the coughing..I’m getting headaches and my abs hurt from the force of them.

I picked up a cough suppressant this morning at the pharmacy. It worked last time I was sick so fingers crossed it works again. But I took one of my lozenges when I left for shopping so I don’t want to mix the two different medicines, so I’ve got to wait a few hours before taking the new stuff.

One thing that bothers me when I’m sick is my toothbrush. I am kind of obsessed with brushing my teeth (especially when my dentist is 13,000okm away). But when I’m sick, I just see my toothbrush as a carrier of my sickness. I bought a new one today to switch out when I’m better. But isn’t using the old one kind of counter-productive? It still has all the germs! But I don’t want to use the new one while I’m still sick.

Last night was one of my make-up classes for my adults. She was happy I cancelled since she pulled out her back on the weekend and needed extra rest. Win for both of us! And she even brought me a Korean snack kimbap. MMM delicious!

I can’t wait for this sickness to be gone!


15 thoughts on “The sickness wages on!

  1. Oh, the terrible coughing sucks! I had a really bad illness a few years ago (I don’t know what it was… some virus)… and my cough was so bad, I had bruised ribs. It took longer for that part to feel better than the stupid coughing! Hope you feel better soon!


    • Aww thanks so much! Being far from home sucks, but I have some comforts: my fav stuffie (a hippo from my bff) and chicken noodle soup (always a plus). And honestly, Korean meds are much better than Canadian haha! They are amazing

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  2. Feel better! Does it sound bad that I used to like to get sick (just a little) bc I like people hovering over me and talking care of me. Hah. I kinda do. But I once had the shingles. I would never wish that on anyone. It was the worst pain I’ve ever felt. While conscious 😝


  3. I am definitely no germ expert, but I don’t think you can continue getting sick from your own germs on your toothbrush, but maybe I’m wrong. When I was little, any time my brother or I were sick, my mom would sanitize our toothbrushes with Scrubbing Bubbles πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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