Chicken Soup

What is it, exactly, about chicken noodle soup that makes you feel better? 

My body has adapted very well to the teacher life style, and since it was a long weekend, with no yellow dust warnings and BEAUTIFUL weather (I’m talking 30 degrees and sunny with a light wind for 3 days straight), I was, obviously, sick.

It started Friday – I was exhausted all day long. But I just chalked that up to it being Friday, and I had done pilates twice during the week after a week of not doing it. But when I couldn’t keep my eyes open at 10 Saturday morning, I knew something might be up.

In total, I had naps adding up to 8 hours of extra sleep from Saturday-Tuesday. Tuesday I took a 20 minute break from my apartment to get some lozenges for my throat and some food for my fridge and when I got back home, I had to lay down for over an hour. Thankfully during that lay-down time, I was able to start a batch of chicken noodle soup.

The kind I make is so simple, since I don’t really have access to all the things I would back home, and this time I actually had fresh peas in my fridge to use! They weren’t even blanched yet but whatever they taste amazing!

What is it about chicken noodle soup that makes us feel better? I honestly think that it might just be a psychological thing where we are conditioned to feel better when we are sick after eating it. Which is great since I made some and felt better! Not perfect, but a little better.

I got to work and I knew there was no way I could complete my entire class schedule for the day. Thankfully it was Tuesday which meant that I only had 3 children’s classes to teach and 2 adult. The children I knew had to come either way and I didn’t want to screw over the other teachers (only 2 come in on Tuesdays instead of 3) so I just asked to cancel my adult classes.

My boss looks at me, eyes wide open, “Why? Are you sick? Do you have a fever?” And in my squeak of a voice I just said yes. I know teaching with a fever isn’t the best choice but it was the only one I had for yesterday. This is one of the downfalls of working in a hogwan. There are no supply teachers available. In most, there will be another English teacher who might be able to cover some classes, but I am the only one in my school.

Thankfully I was able to move around my adult classes. I have to reschedule the time since they have already paid for that hour, but I’ll have one make up class tonight and one next week and it will be all good. My boss even switched our schedules for Tuesday and Thursday! Tuesday I teach 3 classes and he teaches 2, Thursday I teach 2 and he does 3. He was nice enough to volunteer to switch which was very very nice.

The best part about it all was being able to go home at 6pm instead of 8 to another bowl of soup! I don’t have a super big pot but I was able to make enough for 4 meals. I am so excited!! Although my appetite is back today so I’ll be pairing it with more food but yum yum yum chicken noodle soup!!

Now to decide if I want to tackle pilates today…it’s been a week since my last class, Friday it was cancelled because our instructor got into a car accident (first a fractured foot and now a car accident…she isn’t having too much luck). I don’t really want to miss it, and I don’t have a fever any more. Maybe I can sweat out the rest of this sickness! I just want my voice back 😦


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