Tales from the Subway


It’s time for another installment of Tales from the Subway

This weekend is a long weekend. Today (Monday) is Memorial Day so I don’t have to work. It seems about once a month I get a day off work which is nice. I had the whole weekend planned out: Saturday a day of shopping and watching my friend perform at a cafe (check), Sunday a day of being at home, relaxing and working on my knitting (check), Monday: sleep in (check), do a little bit of laundry (check), spend the day at Han River taking pictures and just enjoying the park and river (no check).

Yesterday I spent the entire day coughing and this morning I can barely talk. So instead of going to Han River, I will stay in my apartment sniffling and coughing, drinking Twinings with honey, and watching movies!

But first! Some tales from my subway adventures on Saturday.

I went to Itaewon again on Saturday. I love it there! Mostly because there is a clothing store where I can buy clothes. I have never bought so many clothes over 6 months in my life! The prices are great and I feel amazing in them. There is also a pancake house there, so I always go for brunch before shopping. I’m usually by myself, but that’s ok! 🙂 I don’t mind, especially when this is the result of going:

I usually love the Korean subway. However, every once in a while I catch this one train from Jakjeon heading to Gyeyang that only goes about half way. It’s like a 20 minute trip, with Gyeyang being the last stop, so I don’t mind getting a seat because I know I can’t miss my stop. On Saturday, when I got on the train it was half empty and lovely! I was able to get a seat, and have empty seats on either side of me! But this was one of those trains that stopped half way to Gyeyang and I had to get off… the next train that comes along is of course packed!

When I got to Itaewon, I was taking a second to check my email with the free wifi in the subway station, and I saw the cutest couple! He was white, and she was Asian – not Korean though, she looked like she was from the Philippines maybe? He was at least 6 feet tall, and she literally came up to his elbow. It was adorable!

Returning home, a couple got onto the train pushing a stroller with their baby in it. It was soo cute! Because they had knee pads on the baby! OMG I have never seen that before and it was seriously so cute. Something like this

Except blue and they had a picture of a Korean cartoon on them. I guess the baby is starting to crawl or walk and they needed some extra padding there? I’ve seen ones where its just like a leg warmer puller up over the knee to add a little protection for crawling babies knees, but never ones with actual padding on the knees like a little soccer player hehe.

The last thing which caught my attention was a girl doing her makeup. This all seems perfectly natural for the Koreans riding on the subway, which sure – touch up your lipstick or whatever while you’re on the train, but girls will do their entire face while riding the train! Not only am I always intrigued by this, but always impressed as well. I know I wouldn’t be able to put in contacts, do my mascara, and draw a straight line with my eye liner on a moving train. Heck I can barely touch up my lipstick!

This girl was doing her full face. But instead of having just a small little mirror in her makeup bag, this girl had a full on, hand mirror, silver and all decorated like the one Belle uses in Beauty and the Beast to show the village people that the beast is in fact, a kind and gentle soul, or to see her papa dying in the snow. I was half expecting it to start to glow!

And now that I’ve spent the last 10 minutes looking at giphy.com trying to find that clip, I think I will be spending the rest of the morning watching Beauty and the Beast! haha


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