Do you ever get nominated for things on Facebook and you think “omg really? I am so not doing that!” but you still want to participate?  This is why I have a blog!

collection mwahaha

Twenty-six things about me…
A- Age: 29
B- Biggest fear: being unhappy
C- Current time: 2:35pm
D- Drink you last had: water
E- Every day starts with: me cursing the sun for waking me up at 7am while simultaneously loving it
F- Favorite song at the moment: Hands to myself (I know! I KNOW! I’m ashamed)
G- Ghosts, are they real: Totes
H- Hometown: Kitchener!
I- In love with: Myself
J- Jealous of: People who are more outgoing than I am
K- Killed someone?: Only in my mind *puts mental car in reverse and drives over them again*
L- Last time you cried?: yesterday….sad songs remind me of sad memories and then tears…
M- Middle name: May
N- Number of siblings: 1, but today he’s off the list.
O- One wish: to have a thousand more wishes  *edit* so I’m not allowed to ask for any more wishes, so I will have to wish to have all my student debt taken care of.
P- Person you last called: my co-worker L, last night.
Q-Question you’re always asked: Is your hair colour real?!
R- Reason to smile: Only 6 more months left on my contract!
S – Song you last sang: Love like This – Faith Evans ft. Fat Man Scoop
T- Time you woke up: 7:20?
U- Underwear color: Boring beige
V- Vacation destination: Canada!! 7 weeks ya’ll
W- Worst habit: doubting myself
Y- Your favorite food: Cheese cake!
X- X-Rays you’ve had: I’ve had a few… the last one was when I arrived in Korea. I had to do a medical check.
Z- Zodiac sign: Aries 

Like always, ya’ll are free to copy and give your own answers! If ya do, link me  so I can read them! Or answer in the comment section, or just send me an email 😉


4 thoughts on “26

  1. You’re not allowed to ask for more wishes! Clearly against the rules lol. Also, what did your brother do? Sounds like a story. And lastly, someone needs to rework the question for K…really creepy, could you imagine if someone said, well, yes but just that one time?!? What about the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done? Lol, then again that might also be something else you just don’t want to know about your Facebook friends 😉

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    • LOL okies…if I can only have one wish, it would be to clear all my student debt. lol and my brother was just being a jerk today. He does this thing where I’ll send him a text message and he just ignores it and talks about whatever he wants to, or he just wont reply at all. I told him about last night (the set up) and he asked if L was my coworker and i said yes and then he just moved on to talkign about his phone. *GAH!* boys am I right?! And yes K is a little bit weird haha

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