Summer Time

I really don’t think I can deny it any longer – it is officially summer in Korea!

While maybe not “technically” according to the calendar, but it’s hot enough now so I am making the judgement call.

My weather app I have on my desktop (the weather network) says that this morning’s temp is going to be 19, with a high of 21 this afternoon. It’s 9:20 and it says that it’s already 25 degrees outside.

There are a few things I really love about summer:

  1. sunshine!
  2. the roads aren’t an icy death trap
  3. summer vacation (since I’m a teacher and stuff…)
  4. road trips
  5. wearing clothes that show off my tattoos
  6. seasonal fruits and veggies – I pretty much have an addiction toΒ amazing fresh produce.
  7. the obligatory “it’s hot let’s get Dairy Queen” conversations at least once a week
  8. burger stands that are “summer only” (at least surrounding Huron County)
  9. memories of summer camp
  10. camp fires/roasting food over the fire
  11. bbqs

But there are also a few things that I seriously hate about summer:

  1. getting burnt! thank goodness I live in Korea and the lowest SPF is 50 and I have a sun umbrella. YAY for pasty white skin!
  2. humidity
  3. sweating
  4. monsoon season in S. Korea. (late June-August)
  5. mosquitoes
  6. bees
  7. the little fruit flies/nats that will surround all garbage for the entirety of the summer


Now that summer has started, I like to change up my music. So I’m looking for suggestions from you kind folks! I’m definitely a top 40’s girl but will branch out for a good beat. I am so out of the Western music loop!

Also, any suggestions on how to get rid of those annoying little flying bugs would be GREATLY appreciated! I already feel a little over run by them 😦

13 thoughts on “Summer Time

  1. I’m on board with most of the things you love… and the things you hate — #2, 3, 5, 6 especially! Probably #2 most of all… Humidity… ICK!! And I hate bugs! But I love sunshine and seasonal, fresh produce. Sometimes, I eat tomatoes like they’re apples. Got that from my Gram. She grew the best everything!

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      • For some reason, everything my Gram grew in her garden was the best… better than Mom growing it… just better. She even had a ‘blueberry cage’… it was so cool… and we picked tons of blueberries and she would make us all sorts of wonderful things with them!


        • Oooo that sounds wonderful! I miss having a personal garden. We had one growing up but then moved into a city. I was able to convince my parents to let me dig up a small patch of the yard one year and had a modest little garden but then in the fall they sold their house so it was short lived haha

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  2. Are you taking about those pesky fruit flies that hover around your produce? Apple cider vinegar helps. Take some and put in a little cup, not too deep. Cover work Saran Wrap/plastic wrap and poke tiny holes. They will fly to the vinegar and not be able to get out. Make sure the wholes aren’t extremely big. I did this a few days ago. And it worked (to a degree. I caught 4, I think).
    I totally understand about the humidity. You haven’t felt it until you live down here in the swamps and basins of south Louisiana. And it is kicking ass as we speak. Ca fait chaud! Check out Justin timberlales new song. It’s pretty top 40’ish. I’m not so much top 40, but I like him.

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    • I have added that song to my list!! Monday is a holiday so a perfect time to organize my music and pictures hehe. And I am talkign about those pesky fruit flies! I did that little cup trick the other day but with some watermelon rinds….i think I’ve caught maybe 2 so far haha!! I will try to find apple cider vinegar in the market though!


  3. Even just boiling water down your drains every morning and evening helps with the flies! As for music, check out my blog post from last week, CracTpot Choreography for a few samples from my summer playlist! A few of the songs have explicit lyrics but I always sing them wrong (and loudly) anyway so the kids don’t catch on πŸ˜‰

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