Any surgeons in the house?

Calling any and all surgeons/doctors/back alley hip cats: you are needed for heart removal ASAP

Remember about a month ago, I wrote this post about Mr. Infatuation? How he just randomly pops up in my life from time to time? Well he has done it again!

I sent him a message when I booked my flights home for my vacation (April 16th). About two weeks later he replies saying that’s great and that we should catch up when I get back. He asks a few more questions so I reply.

On Facebook (our only way of communication), he viewed my message on April 28th – TWENTY EIGHTH! And this week, he responded. More. Than. One. Month. Later.

Once time he told me I should be lucky when he replies because he never replies to anything (this is true. I was on his phone once and he had 48 unread texts (not including emails and Facebook messages) so when he texts/replies then it’s a big deal (once while I was working at Tims, he sent me a text which said “Hi 🙂 See sometimes I text” and he was sitting in the dinning room…it was kinda cute…)

But seriously! A freaking MONTH!? So I of course replied, because my heart misses a beat every time I see a message from him. It doesn’t matter how much time has gone by, or how much I am determined to push him out of my head.

It seems like lately, my heart has been attaching itself to people who are not right/available. Who live in Canada and I am in S. Korea. I always put more attachment or emotion into things than I should.

So my request is to anyone who can remove my heart without actually killing me: please do it!

11 thoughts on “Any surgeons in the house?

  1. Oh, I know this feeling and I’m sorry you’re experiencing it. I’ve been married for YEARS and I STILL get this feeling (but that is a different story, not quite related to this one). I am afraid I have no truly good advice (or surgeon skills) to help… but I understand EXACTLY how you feel. It hurts like hell when you don’t hear from him… but when you do, the elation makes you feel like you can fly… but it lasts for such a short time and he disappears and you fall from the high. Then you may even get to “almost over it” and boom! There he is again — like he KNOWS just when you’re about to write him off. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been in that cycle.

    I won’t suggest that you just cut him out completely because I’ve gotten that advice many times and I couldn’t do it, nor did I want to. Something is better than nothing even though it’s not everything. That may be completely wrong, but that’s what happens.

    Sorry for rambling on with no great solution… but I feel your pain!! *big hug*


    • Gah that is EXACTLY what it’s like! It’s easier being over seas, when I was working at Tim’s and saw him every day, it was hard. Literally everyone who worked there thought we were dating, other regular customers thought we were dating. Once a random person passing through town saw us talking and told us we made a good couple. For me, we just “fit” ya know? but then yeah….there’s no effort on his part. and you are right that is feels exactly how you described it. And almost like he does know I’m about to finally get over that last little part of him. But then a little bit of me is like “oo when you’re home don’t forgot his bday” cos its two weeks after I return to Korea. It’s ok for the rambling 🙂 It all made perfect sense!

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      • I really do wish I had some great advice. Being that I’m not really turning 29 this year… I should be wiser along with older… but I’m really not. I’m probably more of a mess than my younger friends! 🙂 I had a friend like yours in college. He lived next door and we became very good friends and spent tons of time together… we had a radio show on the college station… and everyone who knew us assumed we were a couple. I think there was a time he wanted that… and a time I wanted it… but never at the same time. How convenient! 🙂


        • Gah that totally sucks! I’m not sure if there has ever been a time when this guy has wanted anything with me….I will just have to try my best to put him out of my mind. Maybe I need a lobotomy not a heart extraction?


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