Celebrity Politics

Do you ever feel like when celebrities start getting into politics that you kind of get turned off? Was anyone really excited that Arnold Schwarzenegger was “considering” running for president? Not me…

Sometimes though, I am pleasantly surprised at causes that celebrities lend their names to. For example Emma Watson and her “He for She” campaign. That’s an amazing cause, and something that I can fully support. 

Yesterday, it was like I was hit in the face with a brick though. I was on youtube, wasting time, catching up on some Jimmy Fallon clips, when a Russell Brand clip was recommended on the side. I had seen this clip before, but watched it again anyways because, well it’s hilarious.

Now, when I think of Russell Brand, I generally think of the character in that clip. Crazy, going off on tangents, speaking so quickly you just want to hold him by the shoulders and say “ssslllooowwww dooowwwnnnn”.

When the clip was over, I was looking at the other recommended videos on the side and just spent a little bit watching silly clips of him. It was a great mood elevator and a good way to spend some time in the morning.

However, then I clicked on a clip about him “destroying” a morning show host. I thought it was going to be hilarious but it was actually quite eye opening. He was talking about his book “revolution” and his (at that time) new comedy routine “Messiah Complex” and he kind of really did embarrass the hosts because they were getting way off topic.

Well one thing led to another, and I pretty much spent all my free time yesterday morning watching clips of Russell Brand and him talking about politics and things (didn’t know he was a drug addict, or has been clean for over 11 years). I think he has a very interesting point of view.

He is very committed to telling the youth of today not to vote since there is no one really there to vote for. But he does preface it by saying if there is anyone running who truly has the interests of the people at heart to vote for them. He’s calling for a revolution, not a violent one, but a revolution nonetheless. Saying that you never hear about revolutions that actually work out in peaceful ways, and that the media only focuses on the ones that involve death and torture and people going a little bit power hungry.

I had to admit I was entranced by this ideas and the way in which he put them together. I could have kept watching more clips – after work I decided to just finish one that I had to stop to go to work. This was at 8pm. The next thing I know, I’m looking at the clock and it’s 11pm, I’ve watched at least 15 clips and I’ve added 4 books that he’s written to my amazon wishlist (yeah he’s written books ya’ll! 2 memoirs, his revolution book AND a children’s book! Maybe he can give me pointers to getting my own ideas down on paper?).

Anyways, here are a few of the clips I watched yesterday. Some of them are long, but really worth watching. I’m not one who is easily swayed by political thinkers, or celebrities, or celebrities giving political ideas, but I was really shocked to be so invested into what he was saying.

This is the first one that got me into his political ideas

When I started to see his more serious side

Probably the most eloquent I’ve heard him speak. Really great interview.

Where he talks a little bit more about his “don’t vote”


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