Feeling Blue

I have been absent from my blog a little bit lately. I used to blog every day and get excited about it. The last few weeks I have been kind of under the weather emotionally. But no more! I have resolved to be happy and positive!

I want to thank all my fellow bloggers: those who I follow and read their posts, as well as those who follow me and comment on my posts and keep me smiling.

One of the blogs that I follow is GM1123. Gretchen has a great blog, and she’s started doing a Gretchen’s Gratitude post nearly every day. It’s so uplifting!

I’ve decided to kind of piggy back on that idea and share a few of the things that have put me in a good mood over the last few days:


This Buzzfeed post about cute little animals.


just one of the animals from the post

Buzzfeed in general. I go on to check out one article and an hour and a half later, I still have 10 tabs open in chrome just waiting for me to view.

Every single episode of Bluestone 42. I know, I know. It’s an obsession guys!! But literally every 6 months (around the anniversary of L’s death, and Remembrance Day) I watch the entire series. This is like my 4th or 5th time going through it. And it is STILL hilarious! I’m sure Noisy Neighbour thinks I’m having a stroke or something over here because I’m just giggling my little face off. And the website where I track all my “new episodes” of tv shows that I watch says it’s “in hiatus” not concluded so that gives me hope.

For those of you who haven’t watched it yet (what is wrong with you?!) here is a youtube link to the first episode. Sure it’s not the best quality and the picture is small but its just as hilarious! Blair, I think you’d really like this show….

Pinterest! Oooooo how many hours have I spent on pinterest looking at crafts and wedding things and crafts and food and baby things and more crafts….none of which I have any time to do. But it’s the thought that counts yes?

Making new life decisions! I had to write a “Dear Host Family” letter for my recruiter since I’m trying to make the switch from teacher in Korea to nanny in Canada. All my friends have been super supportive of this idea, saying I would be a great nanny. This encouragement lifts my soul and makes me happy. I finished my letter, had Le Brother and a friend edit it, combined the three copies together, had bffR go over the finished copy, then emailed it off to my recruiter. She loved it and now we hope and pray that good things will come from it.

Literally this entire article on Asian t-shirts



Finding that new colour of lip tint, and getting a manicure today!

Seeing a HUGE bag of fresh peas at the street market I sometimes go to. After my manicure today I am definitely picking a bag up! Just because I found a recipe on pinterest that I want to try that needs one cup of peas. The grocery store doesn’t have any (like not even frozen ones), so a huge like 2lb bag it’s gonna be!! And then I’ll spend tomorrow shelling them and blanching them and putting them into the freezer (I might regret this choice tomorrow)

Almost finishing a book that has sucked my soul out and left me for dead. GOODBYE BOOK! Book club is in 7 hours and I have about 50 pages left in the book….I seriously hate it. Anyone read “The Bone Clocks”? But it will be my first book club meeting so YAY for meeting new people!

I’ve been making the effort to talk to my friends more on facebook. One, who has been a little MIA lately because of getting married and a 3 week long honeymoon in Europe has resurfaced! Although she told me she sent me a care package for my birthday. A FREAKING CARE PACKAGE! That would have improved my mood I think…. but it has yet to arrive. Although the bffR sent me a card and it got returned to her since the English version of my address that I gave her didn’t work…so I’m hoping the care package makes its way back to my friend and doesn’t just end up in mail-purgatory.

I think my back pain isn’t from pilates but from sitting on my crap bed! I rolled up my yoga mat and have been using it as a make-shift lumbar support for the past week and I’m feeling so much better. Today I will try to search out a small, round, hard, pillow to use instead of my yoga mat.

I took the whole week off of pilates! I may end up regretting this one as well since I’ll be starting back up on Monday. And now we have to pay 50% for the classes, not have it free. Apparently workers from the Fitness Center have been taking the free classes when they were suppose to be working so the boss changed the “free class” policy. Lame sauce.

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