6 months in

It’s time for another anniversary post!! This one isn’t about the blog though, NLFF will turn 1 year in August, so stay tuned for that post (I’m actually already working on it. So be prepared!) 

I forgot to mention in my last post, the today is my 6 month mark in my contract! Hallelujah, praise Jesus! That is definitely something that has pulled me out of my sadness.

Half way done!! And 8 weeks until my vacation.

Lately at work, every time my boss asks me to do something, or what my opinion is, or how I’m feeling, I smile and answer nicely. He now is thinking of calling me sunshine since I am always happy – I am always happy on the outside. Some days I just want to walk around holding up this adorable cross stitch (provided, of course, via pinterest)

A personal favorite from my Etsy shop <a href="https://www.etsy.com/listing/252058278/custom-handmade-this-shit-is-bananas" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">www.etsy.com/...</a>

Since it was my 6 month mark today, I decided to treat myself to a manicure. I haven’t been in about a month since the last time I got one, my gel polish lasted all of 4 days before I literally peeled every single nail off (just the polish folks, not the actual nail) This is a horrible thing to do to your nails and I don’t recommend it to anyone. But I did it, and then cut all my nails as close to the skin as possible and let them just breathe for the last 3 weeks.

Today I went back and got then done again. They look soooo pretty! They are a peachy/pink and actually glow when under the black light used to set the polish. And what makes it better is that it’s Barbie gel polish – full on, Barbie brand, gel polish. OMG I’m in girly heaven!

Since my regular girl moved to Canada (an act of treason as far as I’m concerned) I’ve had this other girl who doesn’t speak English, but she loves my skin tone and always holds her arm up to mine commenting in Korean how she’s jealous (translated by another English speaking manicurist there) that I am so white and that I can wear the pastel polish colours. Today was no different. Although this time, when it was time to apply the polish she asked another girl to do it. I think because she was training her? Not sure. But we all compared skin tones together, and they spoke in Korean about it.

After I was all done and my nails were looking beautiful, I went to initial the book that they have the memberships in and I see I only had $10 left on my account. So I gave her another $10 ($20 manicures guys! $20!!! Actually 20,000 won which is like $18 Canadian). I then dug in my wallet to top up my membership account to $100 which is the lowest buy in. She hands me back my $10 and then just adds the $100 to the account. So in total I have $110 on my account, and since when you buy in at $100 you get $20 free added to your account, I walked away with $110 still in my account! FREE MANICURE!

I thought “this is a great 6 months present to myself”, now since I’m out lets get some errands done! I was feeling great! Boost of positive energy and off I went. Before I got home I had bought everything I needed!

New sleeping mask (it’s teal and is a face of a bear winking at me, adorbs)
Pillow to support my back in my crap bed (not exactly what I set out to get but this is MUCH better since it will never flatten, it’s full of plastic chips)
Peas – and I didn’t even have to get the $12 bag!!! I walked up to the market and there were the $12 bags but inside the market were little bowls for $2! SCORE!

Then the dollar store:
large bowl to give myself a pedicure (its summer, I have no bathtub, and my feet need some attention!) It’s spongebob too.
pumice stone for pedicure
Strainer for pasta/the peas later when I blanch them
Ziplock bags for the peas for the freezer
Second set of headphones so I can stop having to switch them out every time I leave and/or come home
Stickers and pencils for school (someone keeps stealing my pencils and I think it’s my boss…where is my banana’s sign?!)
Heavy duty scissors (since my little tiny paper scissors don’t cut anything)
Ribbon for turning my oversized t-shirts into cute workout shirts (pics provided via pinterest)

DIY T Shirt Bow Day 4. 365 DIY T Shirt Projects ideas. Posting each day one interesting project how to DIY T Shirt refashion in some new way.:     Need to start getting crafty! Would live to make this for CrossFit!
Face towel: for the life of me, I can not find face/wash cloths anywhere. But I drip sweat like crazy in pilates so I wanted a small towel like thing to take with me like the other “hip fitness Koreans” have. I found a towel that, folded in half, is exactly the size I wanted so I got it and with my new good scissors, cut it in half. I thought to myself that I will sew up the cut edges tomorrow and have two towels. Then I looked at it, and cut one of the halves in half AGAIN – BAM two wash cloths AND a pilates towel. Awesome sauce with cherries and sprinkles ya’ll.

Guys I am having a great day! Now I am sitting here, eating watermelon, using my new pillow, with 2 hours left to finish reading that stupid book for book club before I have to head out again.

Tomorrow is going to be pedicure day, sewing day, lazy day. I think my spirit is back ya’ll! And all I needed was just a few great days all in a row to push through the sadness.


4 thoughts on “6 months in

  1. You sleep with a mask? Me toooooo!! I have for about 14 years, or a little more. I can’t go to sleep without it. If I forget to bring it with me if I’m sleeping out, I have to find something into fashion over my eyes. A scarf or small towel. Its absolutely necessary.
    Your day sounded like a nice treat. I am up for about 2 hours. Hungry. But not much to eat. Haha. I need to shop for more groceries. Or I could reheat my supper from yesterday. Not many snacks here. Enjoy your day/night! I’ll try to get back to sleep

    Liked by 1 person

    • I sleep with a mask here since the blinds on my windows don’t keep out the light…it’s more like a shade haha. And I have the sun at 530 am trying to wake me up. In Canada, my bedroom is pitch black so I don’t need one there. Oooo left overs are always good! Have a good Saturday 😊


    • ooo was just adjusting the strap on my new mask for bed tonight, and noticed there is this little flap of fabric around the nose area – it folds down and blocks out even more light that would come in from where the mask curves around your nose hehe. this is fantastic!

      Liked by 1 person

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