I have a few collections in my life. I talked yesterday about my pinterest collections, and it appears I have started a new collection: umbrellas. 

Yesterday my sun umbrella arrived! It’s so pretty and I can’t wait to feel Korean in using it. Pale skin is sought after here, so much so that I’ve heard of people actually bleaching their skin to obtain it. I’ve had students call others “dirty black pigs” because they got a tan over the summer. And honestly, I kind of hate that mentality. I put a stop to it in my classrooms as soon as I hear it, and if it continues then there will be some harsh punishment headed your way! I want students to embrace whatever colour of skin they have, and not be ashamed for being healthy and active in the summer time and getting a tan.

For me, I wish I could tan. I’m a special breed of reflective white that burns, peels, and goes back to white. Depending on how badly I was burnt, I may have a few new freckles but that’s about it (I once had a friend tell me her students told her she needed to remove her freckles to be beautiful…..) I really love my freckles. Not only do they add a little bit of something extra to me, but I like to tell people they are the souls of people I have destroyed (being a ginger I’ve got to milk it right?)

BUT! Back to my umbrella! I hate summer for two reasons: it’s hot and humid, and I burn way too easily. I have SPF 50 sunscreen in my purse at all times now, and now I have my umbrella. It is treated with UV protection spray so there is an added layer of skin protection on it.

It’s was kind of expensive (54,000 won) but I think totally worth it. It’s a very popular brand, and the design is “springtime in Japan” so the pictures painted on it are all fresh and springtimey.

It starts off almost like any other umbrella

But as you can see, the joints snap up, instead of down. So the inside of the fabric is now facing out.

To open it, you need to gently unsnap those joints so that it looks like a regular umbrella.

Then just push it open like any other umbrella!

So pretty!!

And it’s been added to my other umbrellas that I have:

The sun umbrella, the polka dot one folds down to about 6 inches or so and can easily fit into my purse for those days where it may or may not rain, just a little bit. The pink one at the end is for the monsoon season. It’s like a golf umbrella almost. Big, covers everything – perfect for when the rains are horizontal in the middle of monsoon season and you want to keep at least half of your clothes dry for work haha.

Pretty much, Koreans carry umbrellas all year round. They even have them out in the winter to keep the snow off their heads. I am been assimilated into their umbrella culture almost fully. I don’t think I could ever carry a snow umbrella haha.


4 thoughts on “Collections

  1. I love your umbrellas and I bet I’d love your freckles too but I know we should all spare ourselves from as many freckle inducing UV rays as possible. As a fellow Ontarian let me remind you that there is no way Mother Nature would let you carry a snow umbrella anyway. Those gale force winds would whip that puppy all the way home to Korea!


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