Close encounters of the completely oblivious

Ok Giggling Followers it’s time for you to realize just how clueless I am. Like I put up a pretty rational front I’d like to think (yeah that’s a bold faced lie if I ever heard one), but in all honesty, I’m a complete idiot. Please use the following story as proof.

Today I went to Itaewon to have dinner with a friend at a Canadian restaurant I saw the last time I was there.


The chef is from Ottawa and his poutine, while not made with regular cheese curds (tsk tsk) was amazing, heaven in my mouth. My friend I was with got hit on, a server brought her a free drink (he was from Vancouver) and kept coming to chat her up, eventually asking for her number. Which she declined since she has a boyfriend. They were having a Fort McMurray fundraiser too – cos Canadians all over the world help our own. WOO GO CANADA!

After dinner, we were walking down the street to go to a cosmetics shop. Now my friend is pretty much gorgeous and was wearing a VERY short dress. Like it wasn’t a dress, basically just a long lacoste t-shirt.

So this guy walks up and kind of steps on her shoe by mistake. He says he’s sorry and she replies “It’s all good” (she learned that phrase the last time we hung out cos a guy said it to me on the subway and she thought he said I’m good as in he liked me haha) He starts talking to us as we all walk down the street. He first asks where we are from and she says Korea, and then he asks me specifically. At this point my friend has just kind of moved behind us. I say Canada, and he says he’s from Toronto and I’m all like “OMG! Kitchener!” Which starts off a whole conversation between us since Kitchener is about an hours drive from Toronto. I’m still under the impression that he was talking to “us”, but in my mind just her. Even though, in retrospect, he literally wasn’t paying attention to her.

I wasn’t paying attention and we ended up walking right past the store we were headed to. I had to walk in front of him to go back, so I was like “sorry this is us!” and just walked into the store.

I see through the glass windows of the store front, that he had walked a little further and had actually turned around! I turn to my friend and say “Oh I think he might be coming back for you? He turned around up there”

Then she states the obvious “But he wasn’t talking to me! He thinks you’re nice” then does her special face for when she thinks a guy likes me (as I learned from the last time we hung out)

And that was the end of that….. cos I’m a complete idiot……

So Mr. Blonde with scruff, a red sweater in 30 degree weather with a backpack, walking down the main street in Itaewon at 7pm. I’m sorry I was an idiot. And thank you for talking to me when my friend was clearly an Asian goddess sent from heaven in a barely there “dress” and heels.*face palm*


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