Death-ilates: Friday edition

I have three words for how I am feeling at this moment: sweet baby Jesus. 

Well I do have more. Ya’ll know that I can’t limit myself that much.

I haven’t posted about pilates in a while I think. Actually it’s been going really well. This week I decided to go on Friday (today) since I skipped out on Monday and I was actually missing it (seriously T pull your sloth life together!)

I had to go alone since my co-worker, who usually goes on Fridays, couldn’t make it. I was counting on her to get me a mat and a prime floor space (essential since my instructor only speaks Korean and I only speak English) Which means that I had to teach until 8, get changed, swap Doris out for my natural hair (take out the braids and put it into a pony on the top of my head to cover the scalp), grab my mat and equipment, set up, stretch, fill my water bottle, and start class all before 8…..yeah both those times are suppose to be 8.

Lately I have been ending my conversation class at like 7:50 since we are finished the chapter and I honestly can. I keep them until 7:53 and then casually say “ok see you next time” and the teenagers squeal and the 20-somethings just smile and leave. So I had no problems ending early tonight for pilates, but I still asked my boss if I could end at 7:50 so I could make it to the class. He suggested that I ask the class to come 10 minutes early so we could end 10 minutes early but that wasn’t necessary. At 7:49, I was like “OK! do 3 activities for homework, have a goodnight, goodbye, see you later!”

The time issue was taken care of. I made the smart choice to wear my workout shirt under my tank to work today. I was wearing a black top so it was easy to hide the bright blue. During my 20 minute break between regular classes and my conversation class, I slipped on my work out capris under the maxi skirt I was wearing. All I had to do was pull off the outer layer and BAM all good to go. I was all set!

I made it in time, and the class was kind of empty so I was able to get my usual spot right up front.

Then class started. O-M-G. We were using those little stepper things. The first thing I thought of when I saw them was Richard Simmons and his old work out videos. My mom used to have one of his videos and he was always so freaking happy “you don’t need fancy gym equipment! Don’t have a stepper? Use one of your stair cases! Don’t have weights? Use a can of soup!” *cue cheesy 80’s music – “my boyfriend’s back and you’re gonna be in trouble!”*

I’ve never used the stepper things before but omg. Within 15 minutes the entire class was out of breath and audibly huffing for air. Even the super crazy older Korean auntie who rocks it every day! I actually had to leave at around 8:30 so fill up my water bottle again. Half the exercises I could barely even accomplish – and like it’s really bad since the instructor had a cast one her leg for the last week and was still able to do them all. And you’d think that, when we are laying on our stomachs on the steppers, that all the extra fat cushion around my middle would make it softer for me? Nopes….I just laid there gasping for air watching my hero, the Korean auntie, rock it out behind me. I literally can not wait until I can do it as well as her. She is an ultimate rock star.

Now I’m home. I’ve showered, although I forgot my towels on the drying rack by my window so I had to drip all across my apartment to get them. I have the AC on to cool my place down enough to sleep so it feels like a Canadian winter right now *day dreams of an Ottawa winter…..engines frozen, pipes bursting, frost bite, sigh* And I’m pretty sure I pinched off a nerve in my lower back since everything hurts.

I am staring at a bowl of oranges I have beside me and I’m so out of energy I can’t even will myself to eat the slices. Can someone come and take care of me? I don’t think I can move for the next 2 days.

Thank goodness it’s FRIDAY!

In happier news: my sun umbrella has arrived!! Hello reflective white skin for the rest of the summer and protection from UVA rays. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow – it is adorable!

AND tomorrow I’m going to a Canadian restaurant in Itaewon, “Canuck” and I’m going to eat poutine. That’s right ya’ll!! I almost gave myself a heart attack, literally dripped sweat on the floor, and I’m going to eat poutine! It better be good or I think I might actually cry. *falls asleep dreaming about gravy and cheese curds*

drools all over my keyboard, hating my orange slices

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