I’m not fat…

Well yes, I am actually.

Lately I’ve been struggling with what to write. I have done so many challenges that having to write on my own is a slightly daunting task at the moment. There are more challenges I could join but I want to give my writing a change to just be free if ya know what I mean. I’m organizing my prompt jar, but frankly just enjoying the notion that it’s ok not to post for a day or two.

The other day, while I was wasting those glorious 5 hours of free time at work, I saw a picture on facebook. It was a minions one (I love those cute little yellow guys! Mostly because I’m a 5 year old…) it was one of those “I’m not fat I’m….” pictures. I wanted to save a copy for the blog but found there are literally a bazillion different ones! ok probably not a bazillion, ya’ll know I like to exaggerate sometimes. So here are a “few” for your amusement. I may have slightly gotten carried away….

Please note these images were obtained via google search.

truth ya’ll….hand’s down, honest truth

maybe 30% depending on society’s standards at the time

mmmm hmmmm, you tell ’em!

it’s a personal daily struggle

OMG is this a hippo? Ya’ll I’m gonna say it’s a hippo! 


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