TGI Saturday!

I am so thankful that it’s finally Saturday! It has been a cray-cray crazy kind of week.

First, on Tuesday, it poured all day, when there was no mention of any such horrendousness on my weather app. Although my weather app does say that the high for this afternoon is 19 degrees and at 9:30 it’s already 21? Lame. I had plans for lunch and wanted to wear a nice maxi-skirt: cuteness plan ruined 😦

Wednesday, we found out that the van driver for our school wouldn’t be driving for the rest of the week. Her mother had just passed away so she would be taking some personal time. At any other hogwan that I know of, they would have a backup plan set in place for this. Our “backup plan” was to have the director do the driving, which meant that his classes had no teacher.

This week has been slow at work – the local school is having time at the English village so a lot of kids are gone. Which is nice for me since it means less kids in my classes. On Wednesday, my first class had no one in it! Which was also good with the director’s wife since I could teach her class while she was teaching the director’s class. Then she wanted me to combine two classes on Friday which I flat out refused (I did it in a nice way though). The two classes use the same book but are different levels, and are in different places in the book. The older class is the worst class in the entire school and they are farther in the book, so they would have nothing to do. I was NOT having that in my class. So Friday rolls around and the director’s wife brought movies from the library and she just dealt with the classes.

On Wednesday, I had the BRILLIANT idea to peel off my gel manicure. I had just got it redone on Friday, and had decided when I go back in two weeks I would switch to regular polish. My nails are super thin and weak right now and need a chance to repair themselves. Well I don’t have to do that anymore since I peeled off all the polish. For anyone who has had the gel nails before (in the west they are called shellac, they dry under a UV light) knows that peeling off the polish is pretty much the worst thing you Β can do! It’s like peeling off acrylic nails. It completely destroys the nail. But I did it anyways, cos I’m smart like that…

I did buy some manicure things. A beauty shop was having a sale so I bought almost everything I need to do my nails by myself, especially the nail care (cuticle pusher/nipper/remover) and will start to slowly phase out my manicurist.

Thursday at work, no one showed up for my first class so I had from 1:30-5 to sit in my room and do nothing…then another break from 5:45-7. It was a LONG day. And that sense of lethargy spilled over into Friday. I had no motivation to do anything, and the kids were going a little crazy, and I had no patience.

On top of ALL that – I found out that the English version of my address that I was given doesn’t work. A friend mailed me a birthday card 6 weeks ago and it just came back to her. At least I know that the mail is returned to the sender and I can pick it up on my holiday. Since it’s been such great weather lately, I started wearing my sandals and now have blisters. AND this huge, disgusting, huge bug ran across my floor on Wednesday. I was able to squash it before it ran out of site but omg GROSS.

Onto non-complaining:

I had lunch with a friend on Tuesday before work at an amazing place! She is the one who drew the picture of me, and she made one for my parents that I mailed to them.

Buying my manicure things!

A friend needed to use my paypal account to send payment to the states (Korea doesn’t have paypal) so in return she ordered me a sun umbrella (cute design, treated with UV protection) using her Korean address and debit card! It worked out perfectly with her total cost being only 6,000 won more. I told her to forget about it but she insisted that she pays me on Monday.

Apparently teacher’s day is on Sunday (in Korea teacher’s get a HOLIDAY for teacher’s day) so one boy gave me a small bouquet of dried baby carnations, and another gave me a little package with cookies, gummies, and a drink.

The beauty shop still has their sale on so I’ll be grabbing some sunscreen on my adventures this weekend. Korean sunscreen is amazing, it starts at like 50SPF.

And now it is FINALLY the weekend! After a long week, I am super excited for it to be “me” time. Today is BEAUTIFUL out – 21 degress, sunny, a little wind. I’m going to treat myself to a “western” lunch at the Outback Steakhouse before trekking up to Seoul to visit a palace which has a secret garden tour. I was there the last time I lived in Korea but took the Korean tour, not the English one. My camera is all charged, SIM card is actually in it this time (I triple checked) and I am ready for the day! Another plus: it’s my first “wearing shorts” day this spring! YAY


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