Vacation Romances

No, I’m not having a vacation romance.  Be warned, the following post has movie spoilers. 

One of my favourite movie franchises is Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and Before Midnight.

The movie starts with Jesse on a train somewhere in Europe, Celine sits close to him. They start talking, go to the dinning car, keep talking. Jesse has to get off in Vienna, Celine joins him (cos ya know, personally safety is important). The rest of the movie is just them talking. Jesse has to catch a plane in the morning so they literally only have until sunrise. At the end they vow to meet in 6 months and part ways.

Before Sunset is NINE FREAKING YEARS LATER! Both in real life and in movie time. Jesse is married with a son, on a book tour for the book that he wrote about Vienna. His last stop is in Paris, where Celine now lives. They meet. They have until sunset this time, since Jesse has to catch a plane back to the USA. You find out about their 6 months later plan:

At the end, they are in Celine’s apartment, she is dancing around and says “You are going to miss that plane” and he just smiles, and says “I know” BAM ending. If you like to have your heart get to a hopeful place emotionally and then be stomped on, you can watch it for yourself. But omg the look in his eyes!

And the trailer to the movie:

Once again you are left with this “OMG!! will they or won’t they?!” The last installment of the series, Before Midnight which happens 9 years after, gives you all the answers.

The romantic in me LOVES these movies! I wish it would happen to me.

How about you?


6 thoughts on “Vacation Romances

  1. I have watched these films to DEATH but found the third one broke my heart!! Loved the first two. Wasn’t ready for the third one to be so…cynical? Not sure if it is the right word to describe it.


    • No I totally agree! The last one is SOOO cynical! I didn’t like it as much as the first two. Like I’m happy they ended up together but it’s like they have reached a place of resentment and complacency. I guess that is always a route in any long term relationship, especially one where there is pain (like him cheating while she was pregnant, or her not wanting kids and having a really difficult pregnancy) so I’m kind of glad it was realistic in that way. But I wanted it to be magical and “hollywood” not realistic HAHA


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