Talking Koalas

I was watching a youtube video the other day about this one girl snuggling with a Koala. It was adorable and spurred some memories of a guy who was in my life for about two years.

For those of you new to my site, or just stopping by, or who just plain don’t remember, I went to a special kind of high school. It was an arts program high school and also the home of the local OHL team. I wasn’t part of either of those worlds – I just lived in the district and that was where I had to go to school.

I had a friend at this school, you might remember her from my Series of Sarahs, she was number 4. She was in some class where she was paired up with one of the OHL boys and had to do a project. Instead of actually talking to him like a normal human being (we would never) they decided the easiest way to work around her social life and his hockey life would be to do the project over MSN (do you remember those days?!) She added the address that he told her was his, but instead of getting him, she added some guy from Australia by the exact same name. Funny how things like that turn out huh?

Anyways so they started a friendship, and then she introduced him to me, and I started to chat with him as well. We built a friendship up at the same time. However, while he was chatting with her and forming a crush on her, I was forming a crush on him. We would talk on the phone sometimes, and I felt the rush of online connection that had spurred with my encounter with a British man a few years before. So I just decided to do an experiment and searched both men on Facebook right now, and actually found the Aussie…..

Things progressed between all three of us. Eventually branching out to meeting more friends. The Aussie, let’s call him B, introduced me to his best friend R, and we started chatting regularly as well. In retrospect, I kind of think this might have been B’s attempt to push my affections onto someone else? It didn’t work right away, but eventually a little bit of them transferred over.

One year, for S’s birthday, B sent her a gift. It was pretty rocking. He went to the build-a-bear website and customized a koala for her. He even recorded a voice clip on their website so that it would be put inside of the bear.

provided via google search, this is not the actual bear

It arrived and for the first two days, she was thrilled. She had a boyfriend in Canada and wasn’t interested romantically in B, especially since he lived in Australia. But she was happy to be getting the attention. Then, kind of out of no where, her feelings turned into “obsessed much? gah!” and the cuddly bear found its way into a closet so that she didn’t have to look at it. She also stopped talking to B without any warning or explanation, and he would constantly ask me about it, confused by why she had stopped talking.

When she moved into my house, a year later, I was still talking to B and his friend R. I had to work that day, so I kind of left S to set up her stuff alone. When I returned home, I walked into my bedroom and there was the koala, just sitting on my bed. She said she didn’t want it, and since I was still friends with B that I could have it. The sad little koala was added to my shelf of stuffed animals (see? I was totally cool…..)

A while after, the friendship with B started to dwindle. We weren’t talking as much, but R kind of stepped in to fill that void. They had had a HUGE falling out (something to do with B sleeping with R’s girlfriend/fiance I don’t know it was stupid) and he was kind of using my attention to annoy B, causing me and B to fight a lot which just caused the friendship to splinter even more.

One day, I over heard S talking on the phone to someone about the whole B situation. She was saying how I was madly in love with him, would call him all the time, and had taken the koala just to listen to his voice, and then the phrase “obsessed much?” cropped back up. It was one of the contributing reasons in asking her to move out.

She eventually moved out, as you can read in the post about her, and then two months later she returned for a few of her things. She was going through the few boxes that were left and asked me where the koala was. Playing dumb, I asked her what she was talking about. She explained she had brought the koala when she moved in and it wasn’t in any of her boxes. I said “Ooo no I don’t know where it is”. Really I did – I had given it to good will while cleaning out my closet after Christmas. She was a little too late for it. “Well if you find it, can you let me know?” “oooo yes sure no problem”. And that was pretty much it.

By the time she came to pick up those last few boxes I had stopped talking to B altogether. My connection, rebound flirtation, friendship, whatever you want to call it, with R lasted a few more months. Then we kind of imploded. He was back with who ever it was that him and B had fought over, and I was just that girl from the internet again.

I signed up for Linkedin last summer and for some reason the computer actually suggested that I add him to my contacts. He’s not in any social circle that I’m in, and we haven’t had any contact in years. I don’t even have the same email address anymore. His picture instantly struck a chord in my memory but it took me a while to actually place him. Although I’m not sure why – once I realized who it was, I also realized he looks basically the exact same as he did 12 years ago (omg it’s been that long!) I think I sent him a message, or maybe I just thought about sending him a message? Who knows, that was almost a year ago!

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